Chemometrics and Spectroscopy News Weekly #16, 2015


NIR Calibration Model Development, April 2015 – CAMO Webinar : the basic concepts in multivariate model development LINK

Near Infrared

Advanced spectroscopy technologies NIR & Raman, enable precise measurement & analysis LINK

NIRS to predict non-structural carbohydrates in multiple tissue types : LINK

bioengineering Fuji apple storage time rapid determination method using Vis/NIR spectroscopy LINK

A Online NIR Sensor for Pilot-Scale Extraction Process in Fructus Aurantii. LINK


Nearinfrared spectroscopy reveals link between chronic physical activity and anterior frontal oxygenated hemoglobin LINK


Research from applies SERS for utra-trace TNT detection | Raman LINK


Terahertz is Next Disruptive technology for 5G Communications, Radars, Defence, Security and Industry: LINK


A Near-Infrared 64-pixel Superconducting Nanowire Single Photon Detector Array with Integrated Multiplexed Readout LINK


Die Milch unter der spektralen Lupe – Adlershof Online LINK

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