Near-Infrared Spectroscopy and Chemometrics News Weekly #41, 2014

Chemometrics and Spectroscopy News Weekly #41, 2014

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Chemometrie und Spektroskopie Neuigkeiten Wöchentlich #41, 2014

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TacticID-N Used to ID Illegal Mixed Street Tablets as Part of Joint Federal… | Chemometric mixture analysis Raman (2014.10.10) LINK

Near infrared hyperspectral image regression: on the use of prediction maps as a tool for detecting model overfitting (2014.10.02) LINK

Robustness of partial least-squares models to change in sample temperature (2014.10.02) LINK

Vis/NIR reflectance spectroscopy can predict shelf life potential or lamb´s lettuce | foodsafety (2014.10.01) LINK

Near Infrared

NIR Multi Online Technology: Real-time analysis for early detection of grain quality fluctuations (2014.10.02) LINK

Review: Formulae for absorption spectroscopy related to idealised cases | scattering NIR (2014.10.02) LINK

How in-line NIR analysis helps to make the world’s best Mascarpone cheese: Video (2014.10.02) LINK

Hyperspectral Ansatz für die Qualitätskontrolle | NIRS HSI (2014.10.02) LINK

Visión hiperespectral para inspección de calidad. NIR (2014.10.02) LINK

NIR analysis of snackfoods. Moisture, fat, salt & spices. Wastage decreased significantly (2014.10.02) LINK


Performing Transmission Raman Measurements on Ibuprofen Tablets – quality assurance (2014.10.03) LINK


Terahertz waves test chip packages (2014.10.06) LINK


The strategy of digital sortinghyperspectral imaging recognizes biological & chemical characteristics | Potato (2014.10.11) LINK

ChemImage Sensor Systems Presents Recent Developments in Portable Hyperspectral Imaging at Homeland Security Week2014 (2014.10.06) LINK

Hyperspectral Imaging and precision agriculture (2014.10.03) LINK

Forget standard cameras; enter the vivid world of invisible colours with hyperspectral imaging | by (2014.10.01) LINK

Hyperspectral cameras unveil unseen colours and double up as chemical detectors | HSI (2014.10.01) LINK

Spectral Imaging

Burnt Magna Carta Read for First Time in 283 Years – multispectral imaging to decipher text (2014.10.11) LINK

Micro Thermal Camera Opens Applications to Consumers – overlay of multispectral, visible & thermal image. (2014.10.06) LINK


Wilmar use of Perten Diode Array NIR instruments in Soybean processing | oilseed processors (2014.10.02) LINK


Testing Optical Thin Film Coating with a Spectrometer (2014.10.10) LINK

Handheld Vis-NIR Spectrometer used in the Amazon Rainforest by the Tropical Forest Science.. (2014.10.10) LINK

Aibotix, and Headwall Photonics present a new UAV hyperspectral imager solution | UAV (2014.10.06) LINK

SPECIM introduces AisaFENIX 1K – The Full Spectrum hyperspectral Camera for Remote Sensing (2014.10.06) LINK

SeaBreeze : Open-source cross-platform spectrometer device driver for (2014.10.02) LINK

Fraunhofer’s New Sensor to Make Spectrometer Optics Lighter& More Precise (2014.10.02) LINK


Gartners Predictions of Next New Trends2018 (2014.10.07) LINK

Process Control

Variable Importance in PLS in the Presence of Autocorrelated Data – Manufacturing Processes (2014.10.03) LINK


Photonex 2014: Mapping Solutions shows hyperspectral cameras. Remote sensing & Geographic Information Systems (GIS) (2014.10.02) LINK


Veranstaltungstipp: Seminar “Mobile und miniaturisierte Spektrometer” am 26.11.2014 (2014.10.01) LINK

A novel knowledge-based Chemometric Software Framework for quantitative NIR Calibration Modeling | NIRS (2014.10.02) LINK

Custom NIR Equations for better accuracy and precision for QA QC Testing Analysis Lab PAT NIRS NIR ag food (2014.10.06) LINK

Erarbeitung und Validierung von Messmethoden, Kalibration von NIR Messungen für chemische Qualitätskontrolle (2014.10.01) LINK

How to Develop Near-Infrared Spectroscopy Calibrations in the 21st Century? | Chemometrics Equation Regression PLSR (2014.10.06) LINK

NIR Calibration Model Development made easy… | Partial Least Squares Regression PLSR NIR NIRS NearInfrared (2014.10.10) LINK

News: Chemometrics and NIR Spectroscopy News Weekly 40, 2014 /20141006_001624 (2014.10.05) LINK

News: Chemometrie und NIR Spektroskopie Neuigkeiten Wöchentlich 40, 2014 (2014.10.05) LINK

Rapid development of robust quantitative methods by near-infrared spectroscopy for … NIR NIRS (2014.10.03) LINK

Services for professional Development of Near-Infrared Spectroscopy Calibration Methods | NIR Quality Testing (2014.10.10) LINK

WHITE PAPER: A novel knowledge-based Chemometrics Software Framework for quantitative NIR Calibration Modeling | PAT (2014.10.10) LINK

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