Spectroscopy and Chemometrics/Machine-Learning News Weekly #27, 2022

NIR Calibration-Model Services

Best out of 100’000 Calibrations of your NIR Data, can you compete in speed and performance? | Pharma Lab food Feed LINK

Services for professional Development of Near-Infrared Spectroscopy Calibration Methods | NIRS QA QC testing food LINK

Spectroscopy and Chemometrics News Weekly 26, 2022 | NIRS NIR Spectroscopy MachineLearning Spectrometer Spectrometric Analytical Chemistry Chemical Analysis Lab Labs Laboratories Laboratory Software IoT Sensors QA QC Testing Quality LINK

Spektroskopie und Chemometrie Neuigkeiten Wöchentlich 26, 2022 | NIRS NIR Spektroskopie MachineLearning Spektrometer IoT Sensor Nahinfrarot Chemie Analytik Analysengeräte Analysentechnik Analysemethode Nahinfrarotspektroskopie Laboranalyse LINK

Spettroscopia e Chemiometria Weekly News 26, 2022 | NIRS NIR Spettroscopia MachineLearning analisi chimica Spettrale Spettrometro Chem IoT Sensore Attrezzatura analitica Laboratorio analisi prova qualità Analysesystem QualityControl LINK

Near-Infrared Spectroscopy (NIRS)

“Simulation of an Algorithm for Space Target Materials Identification Based on vis-NIR Hyperspectral Data” LINK

“Near-Infrared Sensitive Nanoparticle Mediated Photothermal Ablation of Ventricular Myocardium” LINK

“Advances in NIR Spectroscopy Analytical Technology in Food Industries” | LINK

“Machine Learning Approach for Classifying College Scholastic Ability Test Levels with Unsupervised Features from Prefrontal Functional Near-Infrared Spectroscopy …” LINK

“Determination of the Soluble Solids Content in Korla Fragrant Pears Based on Visible and Near-Infrared Spectroscopy Combined With Model Analysis and Variable Selection” LINK

“Non-destructive Evaluation of the Quality Characteristics of Pomegranate Kernel Oil by Fourier Transform Near-Infrared and Mid-Infrared Spectroscopy” LINK

“Evaluation of Vis-NIR preprocessing combined with PLS regression for estimation soil organic carbon, cation exchange capacity and clay from eastern Croatia” LINK

“Post-Mortem Interval of Human Skeletal Remains Estimated with Handheld NIR Spectrometry” LINK

“근적외선분광 (NIRS) 을 이용한 참깨의 lignan 함량 비파괴 분석 방법 확립” LINK

“Non-destructive measurement of antioxidant activity and water content in chili powder (Capsicum annuum L.) using near-infrared spectroscopy”LINK

“Design of an Integrated Near-Infrared Spectroscopy Module for Sugar Content Estimation of Apples” LINK

“A Progressive Combined Variable Selection Method for Near-Infrared Spectral Analysis Based on Three-Step Hybrid Strategy” | LINK

“Novel Application of NIR Spectroscopy for Non-Destructive Determination of ‘Maratina’ Wine Parameters” LINK

Infrared Spectroscopy (IR) and Near-Infrared Spectroscopy (NIR)

“Near-infrared spectroscopy for Non-destructive determination of Quality of fresh cut cucumber during shelf life” LINK

“Nondestructive Testing of Pear Based on Fourier Near-Infrared Spectroscopy” LINK

Hyperspectral Imaging (HSI)

“Hyperspectral imaging technology coupled with human sensory information to evaluate the fermentation degree of black tea” LINK

“Short-Wave Infrared Hyperspectral Imaging System for Nondestructive Evaluation of Powdered Food” | LINK

“Integrated smart hyperspectral imaging and CARS-based characteristic band selection for rapid determination of SO_2 content in sulphur-fumigated Achyranthis Bidentatae Radix” LINK

“Effect of germ orientation during Vis-NIR hyperspectral imaging for the detection of fungal contamination in maize kernel using PLS-DA, ANN and 1D-CNN modelling” LINK

Chemometrics and Machine Learning

“Development of a Soil Organic Matter Content Prediction Model Based on Supervised Learning Using Vis-NIR/SWIR Spectroscopy” LINK

“Slice spectra approach to synchronous Two-dimensional correlation spectroscopy analysis for milk adulteration discriminate” LINK

“Validação prática de modelos de infravermelho próximo para tomate: sólidos solúveis e acidez” LINK

“Performance evaluation of variable selection methods coupled with partial least squares regression to determine the target component in solid samples” LINK


“Flipped detection of psychoactive substances in complex mixtures using handheld Raman spectroscopy coupled to chemometrics” LINK

“Agriculture : Calibration Spiking of MIR-DRIFTS Soil Spectra for Carbon Predictions Using PLSR Extensions and Log-Ratio Transformations” LINK

“波长漂移对近红外光谱 PLSR 分析模型的影响” LINK

“Diffuse Reflection Infrared Fourier Transform Spectroscopy and Partial Least Squares Regression Analysis for Temperature Prediction of Irreversible Thermochromic Paints” LINK

Optics for Spectroscopy

“Photonics : Ultra-Sensitive Si-Based Optical Sensor for Nanoparticle-Size Traditional Water Pollutant Detection” LINK

Research on Spectroscopy

“Diet quality, liveweight change and responses to N supplements by cattle grazing Astrebla spp.(Mitchell grass) pastures in the semi-arid tropics in northwest …” LINK

Equipment for Spectroscopy

“Polymers : Recovery of Waste Material from Biobags: 3D Printing Process and Thermo-Mechanical Characteristics in Comparison to Virgin and Composite Matrices” LINK

Environment NIR-Spectroscopy Application

“Transfer learning strategy for plastic pollution detection in soil: Calibration transfer from high-throughput HSI system to NIR sensor” LINK

Agriculture NIR-Spectroscopy Usage

“Effect of Phosphorus deficiency on chlorophyll a fluorescence and visible near-infrared reflectance of wheat plants (Triticum aestivum L.) grown in hydroponic …” LINK

“Sensors : NIR Instruments and Prediction Methods for Rapid Access to Grain Protein Content in Multiple Cereals” LINK

“Utilizing Hyper-Spectral No-Image Measurement to Assess the Development of disease severity of Cercospora Leaf Spot disease in sugar beet canopy” LINK

Horticulture NIR-Spectroscopy Applications

“Forests : Quality Analysis and Comprehensive Evaluation of Fruits from Different Cultivars of Pecan (Carya illinoinensis (Wangenheim) K. Koch)” LINK

Food & Feed Industry NIR Usage

“Foods : Date, Apple, and Pear By-Products as Functional Ingredients in Pasta: Cooking Quality Attributes and Physicochemical, Rheological, and Sensorial Properties” LINK

Laboratory and NIR-Spectroscopy

“Absolute radiometric calibration of an imaging spectroradiometer using a laboratory detector-based approach” LINK


“Increased multimorbidity is associated with impaired cerebral and peripheral hemodynamic stabilization during active standing” LINK

“Synthesis of N-Doped ZnO Nanocomposites for Sunlight Photocatalytic Degradation of Textile Dye Pollutants” LINK

“Symmetry : Asymmetric Prefrontal Cortex Activation Associated with Mutual Gaze of Mothers and Children during Shared Play” LINK

“Coatings : Evaluation on Thermal Protection Performance of TiO2 Coated Aramid Nonwoven” LINK

“土壤水分去除算法的田间原位光谱反演棉田有机质” LINK

“近红外光谱技术用于银杏叶色谱分离过程多种内酯成分含量预测” LINK

“近红外光谱技术在微生物检测中的应用进展” LINK

“식품 산업에서의 근적외선 분광법을 이용한 비파괴 분석법 동향” LINK

“Applied Sciences : On the Absorption and Photoluminescence Properties of Pure ZnSe and Co-Doped ZnSe:Eu3+/Yb3+ Crystals” LINK

This is a mathematics joke. LINK

Table of organic compounds & their smells.LINK

“A Comparative Investigation of Chemically Reduced Graphene Oxide Thin Films Deposited via Spray Pyrolysis” | LINK

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