Spectroscopy and Chemometrics News Weekly #10, 2016


Robust online algorithm for adaptive linear regression parameter estimation and prediction – Journal of Chemometrics LINK

Does the selection of informative wavenumbers improve the accuracy of MIRS prediction models for milk protein? LINK

Near Infrared

Determination of the Mechanical Properties of Rubber by FT-NIR – Journal of Spectroscopy NIRS LINK


Si-Ware Systems Launches Volume Production of NeoSpectra Sensor for Material Analysis – Marketwired | MEMS FTIR LINK


Underwater Hyperspectral Imaging UHI reveals the secrets of the sea | LINK


Molecular Spectroscopy Market 2015-2025 Shares, Trend and Growth Report LINK


On-chip spiral spectrometer. LINK

Metrohm acquires majority of Snowy Range Instruments (SnRI) handheld Raman spectroscopy LINK


A new 50-trillion-pixel image of Earth, every day (that’s on the small satellite revolution) LINK


SWIR imaging gives insight into water absorption in agriculture – Imaging and Machine Vision Europe LINK

Food & Feed

Wearable spectroscopy sensor to measure food consumption LINK


Hellma Group Acquires Axiom Analytical – Laboratory Equipment | ProcessNews ProcessControl LINK


Analytical Development for Near Infrared Reflectance Spectroscopy | Analytical Method Development NIRS NIR LINK

Improve Accuracy of fast Nondestructive NIR Measurements by Optimal Calibration | Testing Laboratory NIRS LINK

NIR Quantitative Analytical Method Development for Quality Control & Analytical testing Laboratories | QAQC QA QC LINK

Spectroscopy and Chemometrics News Weekly 9, 2016 | Molecular Spectroscopy NIRS Chemometrics Software Raman LINK

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