Spectroscopy and Chemometrics News Weekly #29, 2015


Homotopy Continuation Approaches for Robust SV Classification & Regression | SVM Regression LINK

Near Infrared

How well do your NIR results compare to reference analysis? | NIRS NIR LINK

Light used to monitor brain function! Society for functional near-infrared spectroscopy fNIRS LINK

fNIRS Neurotechnology: Multi-channel functional near-IR spectroscopy neurotech brain fNIRS LINK


Hyperspectral Imaging Market Worth $83.19 Million by 2019 – MarketWatch | HSI Hyperspectral LINK

App. of Visible & Near-Infrared Hyperspectral Imaging to Determine Soluble Protein Content in Oilseed Rape Leaves LINK


How to design a miniature Raman spectrometer: | Raman Spectroscopy via LINK


Olive crop shortage in Spain & Italy leads to counterfeit olive oil – spectroscopy as a solution | via LINK


2nd Spectroscopy & Spectral Analysis Conference (SSA 2016),Beijing,China | Spectral Analysis LINK

WPC: Disrupt or be Disrupted – MSDN Blogs LINK

Pentaquarks! The at CERN discovers a new type of particle made up of 5 quarks | LINK

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