Anonymize your NIR spectroscopy data (JCAMP-DX) with JCAMP-Anonymizer Software because of Data Privacy

What is data anonymization?

This helpful tool, the JCAMP-Anonymizer Software, allows you to remove all the sensitive privacy information and metadata from your JCAMP-DX data files.

Why data anonymization?

Without owner name, instrument serial-number, application type, sample names, GPS location, time stamps,
the data file can be forwarded to third party services without giving away the sensitive data.

Without these sensitive data fields (meta information) it is still possible to develop calibration models,
because only the spectral data and the corresponding property values (constituents) are needed.

Even the names of the properties like “Fat” or “Moisture” gets anonymized.

This software is intended for the use with the service for NIR-Spectral data in JCAMP-DX format,
if you don’t want to give sensitive data away.

Note: that these anonymization step is optional for using service.


Single or multiple JCAMP files can put onto the tool by drag&drop or clicking the button to select the files.
The original files are kept unchanged and new .anon.dx files are created in the “Anonymized” subdirectory.

The JCAMP-Anonymizer shows you exactly, line by line, which information in the file is removed and which is kept.

You can always check if all the sensitive information is removed, by viewing the .anon.dx file with a text editor (and anonymize it even further if needed).


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