Paradigm Change in NIR

    You don't need a chemometric software to create a calibration.

    Use the free NIR-Predictor software together
    with our Calibration Model development service.
You can collect the Lab-values and NIR-spectra of your samples and
you are able to use your own custom calibrations to predict new samples
without the need of a complicated chemometric software.

Calibration-as-a-Service for developing, optimizing and
deploying your NIR models onto the local sensor computer.

Show me How

Build your custom NIR Calibrations
without Chemometric Software

For all NIR Spectrometer and any vendor NIR spectral sensor.

Start developing Calibrations today:

      1. Email NIR-data to
      2. Receive your plug & play custom Calibration-Model
      3. Predict spectra by drag & drop with the free NIR-Predictor

Let me See it
Automated NIR spectral range selection for model prediction performance optimization

Develope better models faster

Automated modeling is person independent and uses all the good practices and guidelines. No chemometric expertise needed.

Optimization is not limited by the features of a specific chemometric software.

Saving hours and days of developing and optimizing your calibrations.

Use optimal custom calibrations for your products and applications built on your data to have a perfect match.

Calibrations are the key to successful, rapid and non-destructive analytical smart sensing techniques.

NIR-Predictor User-Interface for sensor device independent prediction analysis report creation

Privacy in prediction and usage

NIR-Predictor works local on your computer without internet.

We do not monitor your measurements and predictions.

The calibrations are stored on your computer for maximal availability.

You can predict as much spectra as you want, no limits, no additional cost. All you can predict!

GDPR friendly (EU General Data Protection Regulation)

NIR Spectroscopy Chemometric Analysis Prediction Report

One prediction software for all your NIR spectrometer types

Plug and play operation with simple drag & drop with files.

Works with spectra from every NIR spectrometer.

Fully automated data processing for prediction.

Prediction results in seconds.

Automatically stored detailed NIR prediction reports.

See the possibilities

The free NIR-Predictor software allows the
NIR user to make multiple sample predictions at once,
and create an analysis report independent of the device.

  • Discover Your Data

    Prediction of new constituents on past samples. Predict historic NIR data.

  • Overall Predictions

    Predict with all your calibrations at once. Compare predictions of multiple calibrations.

  • NIR Batch Prediction

    Multiple NIR spectra files can be predicted as one batch in one step.

  • Outlier Detection

    Detailed prediction results with outlier detection in the report.

  • Your data belongs to You!

    We do not collect your data.
    We do not monitor your measurements and predictions.

  • Simple Fix Price Structure

    We have fix prices
    - for calibration development
    - for calibration annual usage

  • FREE Chemometric Predictor Software

    Zero cost,
    no registration,
    no license key.

  • OEM chemometric predictor API

    For sensor device vendors we
    offer the predictor API with SDK
    and documentation.

    contact us now! Early adopters contact us now!

NIR-Predictor & Calibration as a Service

Try the free NIR-Predictor with the included demo calibrations and spectra.