NIR-Predictor supported Spectral Data File Formats

It’s easy to use with NIR-Predictor,
just drag & drop your data for prediction results,
you don’t need to specify the instrument type and settings!
You don’t need a chemometrics software!
You don’t need to write code for using machine learning!

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Mobile NIR and Desktop NIR

The NIR Calibration Service and free NIR prediction Software is available for the following NIR analysers.
Download the free NIR-Predictor Software, with sample spectrum files and demo calibration models included, to create reported analysis results.
And let us help you, to develop your individual customized optimal robust predictions models!

NIR-Predictor as a Third Party Application Software supports spectral data file Formats vs. Vendor : Software : NIR Instrument.

CSV, TXT = Simple Spectra File Format for NIR-Predictor

JCAMP-DX = Joint Committee on Atomic and Molecular Physical data-Data eXchange

JCAMP-DX  = Joint Committee on Atomic and Molecular Physical data-Data eXchange
|JSON     = JavaScript Object Notation   
||CSV,TXT = Comma Separated Value, Text File
|||Vendor = Vendor Specific
||||SPC   = Thermo-Scientific / Galactic GRAMS .SPC spectra file format
----------= Custom Data =-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
X-X-X   Custom Data : Simple Spectral File Format or JCAMP-DX or SPC
----------= Mobile NIR Spectroscopy Analyzer / Mobile Spektroskopie =-----------------------------------------------------------
X-X--   Allied Scientific  : NIRscan Nano Gui  : NIRVascan         
--X--   ams                :                   : Smart Spectral Sensor, Moonlight Multispectral, Spectral Triad
X---X   AVANTES            : AvaSoft           : AvaSpec, AvaSpec-Mini
X-X-X   HAMAMATSU          :                   : FTIR engine C15511
X-X--   InnoSpectra        : ISC NIRScan Winform GUI : NIR-S-G1 
X-X-X   Ocean Optics       : OceanView, JAZ, SpectraSuite : Flame-NIR, NanoQuest, NIRQuest, Maya2000, USB2000, USB4000, STS-NIR
--X--   PIXELTEQ           :                   : NIR PixelSensor Evaluation Kit
XXX--   SCiO               : SCiO              : SCiO
--X--   Senorics           : Senosoft          : NIR Evaluation Kit
X--X-   Si-Ware Systems    : SpectroMOST       : NeoSpectra Micro, NeoSpectra-Micro Development Kit
X-X--   Spectral Engines   :                   : NIRONE, NR 2.0-W
X--X-   Spectral Evolution : DARWin            : SR-8800, SR-6500, RS-5400, RS-3500, PSR-2500, UDS-1100, PSR-1100f, PSR+
X--X-   StellarNet         : ChemWiz           : DWARF-Star NIR
X-X--   Tellspec           : Tellspec          : Tellspec, see Texas Instruments DLP 
X-X--   Texas Instruments  : NIRscan Nano Gui  : DLP NIRscan Nano EVM, DLPNIRNANOEVM, DLP2010NIR, DLP4500NIR, DLP650LNIR
XX---   trinamiX           :                   : Hertzstück     
X-X-X   VIAVI (JDSU)       : MicroNIR Pro      : MicroNIR OnSite, MicroNIR 1700, MicroNIR 2200, MicroNIR OnSite-W, MicroNIR 1700ES, MicroNIR PAT-Ux, VIAVI MicroNIR PAT-Wx
----------= Desktop/Benchtop NIR Analyzer =------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
X----   BUCHI              : NIRWise, NIRCal   : ProxiMate, NIRFlex, NIRMaster, N500, N400
----X   BRUINS             : Omega-Pro analysis: FoodCheck, InfraScan, InfraCheck                        
X----   BRUKER             : OPUS              : Tango, MPA, Matrix     
X---X   BWTEK              : BWSpec, BWIQ      : i-Spec 25, i-Spec 17/17B/22
X----   FOSS               : FossCalibrator, WinISI : XDS, DS2500, DA1650, N5000, N6500, Infraxact
X---X   GALAXY SCIENTIFIC  : Spectral Sage     : QuasIR 2000, QuasIR 3000, QuasIR 4000
X-X--   METROHM            : Vision Air        : NIRS XDS, NIRS DS2500
X---X   PERTEN             : Simplicity        : DA 7200, DA 7250, DA 7300, DA 7400, DA 7520, Inframatic 9520 
X---X   Polytec            :                   : PSS 1720, PSS 1750, PSS 2120, PSS 2220
X---X   Q-Interline        : Horizon QI        : ABB Bomem FT technology
X---X   tec5               : MultiSpec         : MultiSpec Pro, AgroSpec, 
X---X   Thermo Scientific  : GRAMS PLSplus/IQ, OMNIC : Antaris II, Nicolet iS5N, microPHAZIR RX 
X---X   UNITY Scientific   : UCal              : SpectraStar 2500 2400 2200
X---X   ZEISS              : Aspect Plus       : Corona Extreme, CORONA, AURA, MMS, CGS, MCS FLEX, PGS-NIR
X---X   more



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