NIR-Predictor Software download FREE, unlimited predictions, details
Calibration development, one-time fee €393.- / property*, including 30-day trial
Calibration annual usage, pre-payed €393.- / property* / instrument / year
  • Calibration delivery time 2-3 business days (via email, download).
  • Payment by credit card are serviced by PayPal.
  • See also Terms of Service
  • no setup fee
  • no registration needed

Price Examples:

  • This is only ca. €1.- / day for a calibration usage,
    with unlimited number of predictions.

  • That is the “chemometric development cost
    + “1 Year License for 1 System” for total EUR 786.00

  • To check if a NIR-Application is possible with your data, the cost is the one-time fee for Calibration development, because it includes a 30-day trial of the calibration with the free NIR-Predictor software, so you can predict new measured samples. And if it’s useful for you then extending the usage time with the Calibration annual usage fee in a second step.
Price considerations:
  • You don’t need to buy a chemometric software license with updates and training days.
  • You get a free NIR-Predictor software and can locally do unlimited predictions.
Learn more:

  • Calibration is customized to your data. Calibration is delivered as a file (.cm) for local use (no internet connection needed for prediction) with the free NIR-Predictor Software.
  • *) property (quantitative) : chemical-, biochemical-, physicochemical- or physical-property, constituent, analyte, ingredient, parameter or attribute value.