What is a NIR spectroscopy calibration service and for which users is it suitable? In a nutshell (TL;DR)

We provide NIR spectroscopy prediction model development and optimization as a service and provide the prediction engine as a software library for integration and also our free NIR-Predictor desktop software that supports many spectral data formats for any NIR instrument sensor. Simply drag and drop spectra files into NIR-Predictor to get analysis results report.

The Problems:

  • How do you build models?
  • How many manual time consuming steps are necessary in complicated expensive software (expensive to buy, develop, use, update)?
  • How long does model development and optimization take?
  • Do you need an expert for doing so?
  • Do you have two or more experts to compare their modeling results?
  • Are your experts overworked?
  • What’s your time to market?
  • And can your models compete in prediction performance with models built on high resolution full range spectrometers data?
  • Can your models be more accurate? E.g. Optimized Calibration for Mango DM

The Solution:

We can build best performing models for you also with small data, like 60 – 100 spectra or big data. You send NIR and Lab data as a single Calibration Request (Video link below) and we return the optimized ready to use model files and delete your sent data after processing. We do not sell and not reuse our customers data and spectral libraries.

Price : Comparision

Calibration Request : Video (2 minutes)

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