JCAMP-Anonymizer Software

JCAMP-Anonymizer Software


The JCAMP-Anonymizer Software supports exported JCAMP-DX formats of many major laboratory NIR-spectrometer vendors and chemometric software vendors.

(like: ABB, Bruker, Buchi, Foss, Nicolet, Thermo, Unity and others )

(like: Unscrambler, GRAMS, Pirouette and others )

Why Anonymize?

The JCAMP-Anonymizer software is intended for use with

  • NIR spectral data in JCAMP-DX format (any version 4.24, 5.01, 6.0, …)
  • the CalibrationModel.com Services

Features of the JCAMP-Anonymizer Software

  • runs on Microsoft Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (32 Bit and 64 Bit)
  • easy install and run, no system administrator rights needed
  • works offline, no internet connection used
  • simple usage, drag&drop multiple JCAMP files for fully automatic anonymization
  • safe data processing, keeps original data file unchanged
  • the Anonymization Difference Report shows what has changed from the original to the anonymized file
  • fast processing speed, also for large JCAMP data files
  • creates property mapping file to put the real-names back for prediction results with NIR-Predicor software

Download JCAMP-Anonymizer

DOWNLOAD your personalized software for single place license use :

Simple User Interface

Simple User Interface that supports Drag & Drop for

automatic JCAMP multi-file anonymization.

JCAMP Difference View

The Anonymization Difference Report shows what is anonymized versus the original data file.

All the grayed out information is removed, so forwarding it to third party does not tell anything about the data.