NIR-Predictor supported Spectral Data File Formats

It’s easy to use with NIR-Predictor,
just drag & drop your data for prediction results,
you don’t need to specify the instrument type and settings!
You don’t need a chemometrics software!
You don’t need to write code for using machine learning!

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Mobile NIR and Desktop NIR

The NIR Calibration Service is available for the following NIR analysers.

NIR-Predictor supported data file Formats vs. Vendor : Software : NIR Instrument.

CSV, TXT = Simple Spectra File Format for NIR-Predictor

JCAMP-DX = Joint Committee on Atomic and Molecular Physical data-Data eXchange

JCAMP-DX  = Joint Committee on Atomic and Molecular Physical data-Data eXchange
|JSON     = JavaScript Object Notation   
||CSV,TXT = Comma Separated Value, Text File
|||Vendor = Vendor Specific
||||SPC   = GRAMS SPC 
----------= Custom Data =-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
X-X--   Custom Data : Simple Spectral File Format or JCAMP-DX
----------= Mobile NIR Spectroscopy Analyzer / Mobile Spektroskopie =-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
--X--   ams                :                   : Smart Spectral Sensor, Moonlight Multispectral, Spectral Triad
X----   AVANTES            : AvaSoft           : AvaSpec, AvaSpec-Mini
X-X--   Ocean Optics       : OceanView, JAZ, SpectraSuite : Flame-NIR, NanoQuest
--X--   PIXELTEQ           :                   : NIR PixelSensor Evaluation Kit
XXX--   SCiO               : SCiO              : SCiO
--X--   Senorics           : Senosoft          : NIR Evaluation Kit
X--X-   Si-Ware Systems    : SpectroMOST       : NeoSpectra Micro, NeoSpectra-Micro Development Kit
X-X--   Spectral Engines   :                   : NIRONE, NR 2.0-W
X--X-   Spectral Evolution : DARWin            :
X--X-   StellarNet         : ChemWiz           : DWARF-Star NIR
X-X--   Tellspec           : see Texas Instruments DLP 
X-X--   Texas Instruments  : NIRscan Nano Gui  : DLP NIRscan Nano EVM, DLPNIRNANOEVM, DLP2010NIR, DLP4500NIR, DLP650LNIR
X-X--   Allied Scientific  : NIRscan Nano Gui  : NIRVascan         
XX---   trinamiX           :                   : Hertzstück     
X-X--   VIAVI (JDSU)       : MicroNIR Pro      : MicroNIR OnSite, MicroNIR 1700, MicroNIR 2200
----------= Desktop/Benchtop NIR Analyzer =-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
X----   BUCHI              : NIRWise, NIRCal   : ProxiMate, NIRFlex, NIRMaster, N500, N400
X----   BRUKER             : OPUS              : Tango, MPA, Matrix                             
X----   FOSS               : WinISI            : XDS, DS2500, DA1650, N5000, N6500, Infraxact
X-X--   METROHM            : Vision Air        : NIRS XDS, NIRS DS2500
X----   PERTEN             : Simplicity        : DA7200
X---x   Thermo Scientific  : OMNIC, GRAMS      : Antaris II, Nicolet iS5N, microPHAZIR RX 
X----   UNITY              : UCal              : SpectraStar
X----   ZEISS              : Aspect Plus       : CORONA
X----   more


  • X supported
  • x coming soon

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