NIR-Predictor at a glance

  • User Friendly Application – drag & drop spectra for prediction
  • Access to Prediction Details – prediction reports
  • Rock-Solid Predictions – outlier checked results
  • 24/7 Available Predictions and Calibrations
  • See also NIR-Predictor Announcement for introduction information

How it Works

For our calibration service you don’t even need to have a chemometric software.

  • Preparation
    • Download and install our free NIR-Predictor software
    • create your service request file (.req) inside the NIR-Predictor

  • 1. Send your NIR data to develop the optimal model
    • Export the NIR data combined with the lab-values as JCAMP file from your NIR system.
    • Optionally you can anonymize your data before sending.
    • Email the JCAMP file together with your service request file (.req) to

  • 2. When the optimal models are built and we send you a link
    • On that personal purchase page (nobody else has access to it) there are also free trial versions of your calibrations, that you can download and test before you buy, with our free NIR-Predictor software.
    • Your sent NIR data is deleted after processing. We do not collect your NIR data!
    Image shows a personal purchase page.
  • 3. The calibration files can be used with our free NIR-Predictor software
    • that creates prediction reports out of all your calibration files with drag & drop of your spectra files (JCAMP) in one go, all without internet access.

Data Requirements – for the Calibration Development service

  • needs NIR-spectra combined with laboratory-reference values in JCAMP file format to develop a Calibration.
  • works with spectra (JCAMP-DX .dx .jdx .jcm) from every NIR spectrometer.
  • use export functionality of your vendor’s instrument software or use spectral converter software to create JCAMP files.
  • check your JCAMP format with NIR-Predictor software if it is supported.
  • develops and optimizes quantitative Calibrations, one property per Calibration to maximize property independent model optimizations.

NIR-Predictor Features

  • predict with all your calibrations at once
  • multiple NIR spectra files can be predicted as one batch
  • Username and Batchname field that goes into the report
  • the version of the model is listed on the prediction report for tracking
  • automatically stored prediction reports, in archivable and easy to view and print HTML format
  • fully automatic data processing for prediction
  • Outlier types detected are: spectrum-residual, leverage and property-range
  • use it to check if your NIR-application is possible
  • you will be noticed early (30 days) by NIR-Predictor to renew an expiring calibration


If you are a hardware vendor and want to integrate the Stand-alone Prediction Engine in your systems we offer an OEM version with complete SDK and sample source code, you can read more here OEM NIR-Predictor Software and Services, and please contact us by email.

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