Get access to how the NIR Calibration and Prediction Model is Optimized, validated and what are the settings, pre-processing, variable-selection, outliers

Access the information of the complete calibration settings

Get access to the information of the complete settings of the optimized calibration, including selected wavelengths, data pre-processings, selected calibration spectra, validation spectra, test spectra, outlier spectra and complete prediction performance statistics, and detailed prediction information of all spectra.
It includes complete Intellectual Property (IP) and allows to re-create the model in any chemometric software.
The information is delivered within a .zip file that contains a HTML page with text, tables and images that can be printed to PDF with your browser.

The Calibration Report contains all the selected data and parameter settings details to re-create the model in any chemometric software and it’s comparable by statistics and visually.

Here is an example Calibration Report



Access the information of the selected wavelengths

Get access to the information of the selected wavelengths that are used in the optimized calibration. This will look like “4467-5378, 6458-7569, 8247-9852 [1/cm]” for wavenumbers or similar in nanometers [nm] depending on your data. This is very useful for sensor manufacturers to reduce detector/sensor hardware cost or reducing scanning time by leaving out or over skipping the gaps in the wavelength range for dedicated applications.

Wavelength Selection

Erhalten Sie Zugriff darauf, wie das NIR-Kalibrierungs- und Vorhersagemodell optimiert, validiert und was sind die Einstellungen, Vorverarbeitung, Variablenauswahl, Ausreißer.

Ottenere l’accesso a come il modello di calibrazione e previsione NIR è ottimizzato, convalidato e quali sono le impostazioni, la pre-elaborazione, la selezione variabile, i valori erratici.