Trust and Anonymization does not contradict

You don’t want to trust anyone?
Not even your spectrometer instrument vendor?

Then anonymize your data, with the NIR JCAMP-Anonymizer software.

You can send data Anonymized (without meta information, without containing your name or your companies name, without what the NIR data is about (meat, feed, corn, fruit…), even without the property names like “Fat” and “Protein” and the origin and GPS location and time stamps of the data. You can send data Anonymous (without your full name, just an email address)

Data Privacy Guaranteed

  • use the software on your computer for the anonymisation process of your data, before the data is transferred to services
  • with this software it’s easy to to create fully anonymous NIR datasets
  • allows a preview to see what kind of meta information is removed from the NIR data


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