Simple Spectra File Format for NIR-Predictor

Raw-spectra files like this can be read with NIR-Predictor.
ExampleSpectrum1, ExampleSpectrum2, ExampleSpectrum3, ExampleSpectrum4

Example Snippet: “spectrum.csv”
Wavelength,The Sample Name
– One File per spectrum.
– File Extension : .csv
– File Name : can be anything
– Fix in first line : “Wavelength”
– Variable in first line : sample name
– Data as value pairs : wavelength,intensity
– Note: the comma “,” separation is fix and values need to have a decimal point “.”
– Note: that the raw-spectrum is NOT pre-processed (derivatives, normalization).
– Note: the file’s “Date modified” will be used as time-stamp for the spectrum.

Start Calibrate

Build a NIR Calibration

To combine multiple NIR spectra files with the Lab values
use the NIR-Predictor function “Create Properties File…” (F6) (see Video)
then use NIR-Predictor function “CreateCalibration Request…”. (F7)
For details please see the NIR-Predictor online help (F1)