Cost comparision / Price comparison of Chemometrics / Machine Learning / Data Science for NIR-Spectroscopy (CM) versus Others

Costs are not everything, there are other important factors listed in the table.

CM fix € pricing Others € Price Range (approx.)
Chemometric Package not‑needed
3500 – 6500 per user
Chemometric Predictor
1500 – 2500 per NIR device
Chemometric Training not‑needed
1500 – 2500 per user
Chemometrician* Salary not‑needed
1 years Salary / year
(+ risk of Employee Turnover)
Powerful Computer (many Processors, lot of RAM for big data) not‑needed
1500 – 4500 per computer
Development and Usage
fix price
Development of a Calibration
80 – 150 / hour
of Chemometrician* using a Chemometric Software (click and wait) and applying it’s knowledge
Usage of a Calibration
299 / year
Total 598 in first year
299 in second year
initial (min 8000 , max 15500)
+ 2 * (2 – 4)(hour to cost same! as CM service) * (80 – 150) Chemometrician* work
no initial cost
very high initial costs
no personnel cost
high personnel* costs
constant CM services
risk of Employee Turnover
global knowledge
risk of only use personal knowledge
easy to calculate fix cost on demand
difficult to calculate variable cost on demand plus Chemometrician* Recruitment needed
Results :
calibration prediction performance
always reproducible highly optimized
only as good as your Chemometrician* daily condition
better prediction performance, due to best-of 10’000x calibrations
small size of experiments, non-optimal calibrations

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*) Personnel / Chemometrician / Data Scientist / Data Analyst / Machine Learning Engineer : We are not against it, we are one of them a long time ago, but the way the work is done is changing (see below).

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