NIR Method Development Service for Labs and NIR-Vendors (OEM) ia a perfect match for
    – NIR Vendors    , selling NIR            , with limited capacity for NIR method development
    – Labs                , using NIR            , with limited capacity for NIR method development
    – small Labs       , starting with NIR , with no or less Chemometric knowledge

The Triple to success : faster better analytics
    LAB Reference Analytics + NIR Spectroscopy + ChemoMetrics
    LAB + NIR + CM
    => use CM as a Service : CalibrationModel

NIR Method Development : Before / After
    – The need of a chemometric software ($$)
    – The need of expert training courses (time,$$)
    – The need of manual expert work (time,$$$)
    with CalibrationModel
    – The freedom without a chemometric software
    – The freedom without being an expert
    – The freedom of using a Service ($)
    => work smart, not hard

See Cost Comparision

    Cloud Service
        DATA -> CalibrationModel -> CALIB
                    fix cost, pay per CALIB development and usage

    Local Usage (no internet connection)
        DATA -> CALIB + Predictor -> RESULT
                                included, no extra cost

    DATA = exported Spectra and (Lab-)reference values as JCAMP-DX or other data formats
    CALIB = single quantitative property

Sending DATA
    DATA is sent by email, 2-3 days later, receive email with link to
      WebShop to purchase CALIB with PayPal/CreditCard
    DATA is deleted after processing (Terms of Service TOS)
    optional: JCAMP
Anonymizer (removes sensitive information) before sending DATA

As Middleman you can hide/cover the Service (white-label)
    Customer <=============> CalibrationModel
    Customer <==>
Middleman <==> CalibrationModel
                         NIR Company
                         NIR Sales, Consultancy

Riskless Predictor OEM integration (white label) (in NIR-Vendors Instrument Software)
    Predictor as a hidden second engine (second Heart)
    Windows .NET, easy programming interface (API)

DATA owner -> CALIB owner ==> use as your Pre-CALIB
    CALIB is licensed to owner and so copy protected
    The owner can Re-License a CALIB to others
    owner can re-sell CALIBs in its own WebShop with own prices

    DATA + DATA -> CALIB    same easy workflow as    DATA -> CALIB
    optimize from scratch, benefit from complete optimization possibilities

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