Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) / Häufig gestellte Fragen

NIR-Predictor Software

Q: Where are the FAQs of the NIR-Predictor software?

A: The NIR-Predictor FAQ can be found here NIR-Predictor FAQ.


Q: How much is your service (NIR Calibration Models)?

A: Please see Pricing

Q: How many samples do I need to send you for a new calibration?

A: Data samples from 100 – 120 different products to start, at least 60 – 100.

Q: What kind of NIR application you have and what equipment they support?

A: All major NIR and FT-NIR spectrometers and
mobile NIR instruments are supported.
We deliver the optimal calibration settings for your custom NIR data for your applicative purpose. We do not sell any NIR spectra files or any application/calibration files.

Q: What is the maximal number of parameters of a NIR Calibration?

A: We build and optimize each NIR Calibration for one parameter. That gives the possibility to use all advantages of spectral pre-processing and variable selection to get a robust and precise model. Your data files can contain multiple spectra with multiple parameters (there is no limit).

Q: Is qualification possible with quantitative calibration?

A: For A or B qualification define a product property e.g. name it “quality” where good is 1.0 and bad is 0.0.
The quantitative calibration than predicts values around the range 0.0 to 1.0 and that classify the “quality”.
A,B or C could also be possible to 0.0 0.5 1.0.
Add multiple properties to your samples, like “qualityAB” and “qualityABC” and we try all the properties to calibrate.


Q: Are our NIR Calibration Models independent of any kind of spectrometer?

A: The calibrations we develop with your NIR data are customized for your spectrometer (any brand).

Q: Are the NIR Calibrations compatible with my NIR spectrometer?

A: The customized calibrations based on your data will fit your NIR spectrometer’s resolution and wavelength range.

Q: What do you mean by “to rebuild the calibration in the used software”?

A: Our calibration report says something like: For the given data, the best calibration model required multiplicative scatter correction for preprocessing, a 2nd derivative Savitsky Golay filtering with 15 points window size, PLS with 5 components, etc.

Data Privacy

Q: Do you offer a package NIR spectra – data based on wet Chemistry?

A: We do not sell NIR-Spectral Data.

We develope calibrations from NIR-Spectral + Lab Data.

See also NIR Calibration Service explained

Q: How can I trust your service does not collect/store/giveaway my data?

A: Please read our Terms of Service (TOS). We do not collect your data.

After processing your data into a calibration, your data is deleted from our servers.

You don’t want to trust anyone? Not even your instrument vendor?

Then anonymize your data, with the NIR JCAMP-Anonymizer Software

Q: How to make others have no re-use of my NIR data?

A: Anonymize your data! Here is how:

Prediction Model Adjustment, Model Correction, Model Updates

Q: Why is it recommended to recalibrate the NIRS on an ongoing basis?

A: read more

Q: How to interpret / judge the Calibration Statistics?

A: Interpretation of the Calibration Statistics