Bossart Analytics

Bossart Analytics, Wilerstrasse 89, CH-9230 Flawil, Switzerland


Roman Bossart is Founder and General Manager of Bossart Analytics, a Swiss company that empowers businesses of customized Calibration Model development for predictive NIR analytics.

Prior to Bossart Analytics (1999-2011), he was Product Manager and Algorithm Scientist for the chemometric software at the NIR department at BUCHI Labortechnik AG in Flawil.

Before that (1991-1999), Roman worked for Buhler AG in Uzwil as a Software Engineer and Project Leader at the analysis technology department for NIR spectroscopy and chemometrics software.

For both companies Roman was the head and developer behind the chemometric software NIRCal™ from version 1.0 (1996) to V5.4 (2011), that made the companies full NIR spectrometer product line working from NIRVIS™, NIRDas™, NIRTab™, NIRLab™ N-200, NIRFLex™ N-400, NIRFlex™ N-500 to NIRMaster™ and NIRMaster™ Pro.

Patents I've done for former companies:
AUTOMATIC CALIBRATION METHOD / Automatisches Kalibrationsverfahren (CA2323878A1, DE19810917A1, EP1062496A1, US6480795, WO1999047909A1, JP2002506991)

Roman Bossart has a Bachelor of Science in computer science (BSc FHNW).
He spans over 25+ years of direct experience in developing and applying chemometric algorithms to extract value from NIR data.

Current passions are in chemometrics, machine learning, algorithm research, high performance computing, data visualization, intelligent systems research and software engineering.

The following are trademarks or registered trademarks of BÜCHI Labortechnik AG : NIRCal™, NIRVIS™, NIRDas™, NIRTab™, NIRLab™, NIRFLex™, NIRMaster™.