NIR-Predictor JCAMP

NIR-Predictor at a glance

  • User Friendly Application – drag & drop spectra for prediction
  • Access to Prediction Details – prediction reports
  • Rock-Solid Predictions – outlier checked results
  • 24/7 Available Predictions and Calibrations
  • Off-line predictions with NIR-Predictor, your data will not go into the cloud.
  • See also NIR-Predictor Announcement for introduction information

How it Works

For our calibration service you don’t even need to have a chemometric software.

  • Preparation
    • Download and install our free NIR-Predictor software
    • create your service request file (.req) inside the NIR-Predictor

  • 1. Send your NIR data to develop the optimal model
    • Export the NIR data combined with the lab-values as JCAMP file from your NIR system.
    • Optionally you can anonymize your data before sending.
    • Email the JCAMP file together with your service request file (.req) to

  • 2. When the optimal models are built and we send you a link to the Web-Shop

  • 3. The calibration files can be used with our free NIR-Predictor software
    • that creates prediction reports out of all your calibration files with drag & drop of your spectra files (JCAMP) in one go, all without internet access.

Data Requirements – for the Calibration Development service

  • needs NIR-spectra combined with laboratory-reference values in JCAMP file format to develop a Calibration.
  • works with spectra (JCAMP-DX .dx .jdx .jcm) from every NIR spectrometer.
  • use export functionality of your vendor’s instrument software or use spectral converter software to create JCAMP files.
  • check your JCAMP format with NIR-Predictor software if it is supported.
  • develops and optimizes quantitative Calibrations, one property per Calibration to maximize property independent model optimizations.

NIR-Predictor Features

  • predict with all your calibrations at once
  • multiple NIR spectra files can be predicted as one batch
  • Username and Batchname field that goes into the report
  • the version of the model is listed on the prediction report for tracking
  • automatically stored prediction reports, in archivable and easy to view and print HTML format
  • fully automatic data processing for prediction
  • Outlier types detected are: spectrum-residual, leverage and property-range
  • use it to check if your NIR-application is possible
  • Off-line predictions with NIR-Predictor, your data will not go into the cloud.
  • you will be noticed early (30 days) by NIR-Predictor to renew an expiring calibration


If you are a hardware vendor and want to integrate the Stand-alone Prediction Engine in your systems we offer an OEM version with complete SDK and sample source code, you can read more here OEM NIR-Predictor Software and Services, and please contact us by email.

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