Why use fully Automated Model Building for NIR-Spectroscopy?

  • lowers the barriers to using NIR-Spectroscopy based analysis technology
    by reducing the technical expertise required to build mathematical prediction models.

  • reduces human error, automates repetitive tasks,
    and enables the development of more effective models.

  • interpret-able trained models by access to the detailed calibration report
    that contains the intellectual property (IP) how the model is constructed and validated.

  • deploy models yourselves in a production-ready state
    (identifiable versioned models that are secured against changes and tampering)

  • free NIR-Predictor software with graphical user interface (GUI)
    and also optional with a software development kit (SDK)
    and source code samples using the application programming interface (API)
    to transform spectral raw data to prediction results.

  • allows to process anonymous data,
    we don’t need to know what type of sample you have measured or
    what name the ingredient has, you can just name it A or B.

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