Spectroscopy and Chemometrics News Weekly #7, 2016


Detective scientists discover ancient clues in mummy portraits | ultraviolet nearinfrared LINK


Raman-Spektroskopie-Konferenz, 19./20. May – RamanFest 2016 in Berlin LINK


Imec introduces broad spectrum hyperspectral imaging solutions | VIS VNIR nearinfrared LINK


Why testing manure with NIR analytical equipment makes sense LINK

Galaxy Scientific Announces New Line of FT-NIR Spectrometers | FTNIR LINK


Sandia’s pocket-size anthrax detector aids global security, agriculture LINK


“Reading the tea leaves: quality markers for green tea” LINK


10th International Conference on Sensing Technology, 11–13 November 2016, Nanjing, China. LINK

Japan Analytical Scientific Instruments Show (JASIS 2016), 7–9 September 2016, Chiba, Japan. LINK

33rd European Congress on Molecular Spectroscopy, 30 July – 4 August 2016, Szeged, Hungary. LINK


How to Develop Near-Infrared Spectroscopy Calibrations in the 21st Century? | Chemometrics Equations Regression LINK

Increase Your Profit with optimized NIR Accuracy Process Protein Oil plastic colors paints milk soy Soybean LINK

NIR 光谱学与光谱分析 LINK

Spectroscopy & Chemometrics News Weekly 6, 2016 | Molecular Spectroscopy NIR NIRS Chemometrics Software Raman LINK

Spectroscopy and Chemometrics News Weekly #6, 2016


Spectroscopy & Chemometrics News Weekly 5, 2016 | Molecular Spectroscopy NIRS Chemometrics Software Raman NIR LINK

Near Infrared

“Comparison of chemometric approaches for near-infrared spectroscopic data” | NIRS purity of maize seeds LINK

Parrot Sequoia – Agricultural Drone Sensor – Capture the invisible | multispectral NIRS LINK


Genome-inspired molecular identification in organic matter via Raman LINK


SpectralEngines introduces a smaller-than-cubic-inch NIR spectrometer | LINK

Data Visualization

Is it cheating to truncate the Y-axis in a graph? LINK!

Graph art LINK!

Spectroscopy and Chemometrics News Weekly #5, 2016

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Model selection via Bayesian information capacity designs for generalised linear models | arxiv LINK

Active Learning Algorithms for Graphical Model Selection. LINK

Near Infrared

Near infrared spectroscopy for food and feed: a mature technique LINK

Call for ICNIRS and CNIRS Award Nominations – Near Infrared Spectroscopy LINK!


Dimensionality Reduction via Regression in Hyperspectral Imagery. arXiv LINK

HSI 2016 | Hyperspectral Imaging and Applications Conference is Announced LINK


High-dimensional variable selection via penalized credible regions w/ global-local shrinkage priors LINK

Nondestructive testing: Looking inside composites – to detect damage in composites | spectroscopy LINK


New Wearable Sensors Know What’s in Your Sweat LINK

nano SWIR sensor | UTCaerospace sensors LINK


Optimize NIR Spectroscopy Performance by Recalibrating the Chemometric Models | laboratory equipment NDT NDE NDI LINK

Spectroscopy and Chemometrics News Weekly 4, 2016 | Molecular Spectroscopy NIRS Chemometrics Software Raman LINK

Spectroscopy and Chemometrics News Weekly #4, 2016


“Application of chemometric analysis to infrared spectroscopy for the identification of wood origin ” Cellulose LINK

Near Infrared

NIR Technology Should guarantee Those imps are sweet eating!! LINK!

Olivenöl: Jedes zweite im Test ist mangelhaft – Labor­analyse per Nahinfrarotspektroskopie (NIRS)… LINK


Calibration Transfer Between Bench-Scanning & Diode-Array for In Situ Wastewater Quality Monitoring in Sewer Systems LINK


Pittcon Solicits Call for Nominations for 2017 Awards in Areas of Analytical Chemistry and Applied Spectroscopy LINK

Process Control

An Inside Look at Process Control Industry Evolution: Technologies and Biz Models. pauto LINK

Global Process Spectroscopy Market to Expand at 7.40% CAGR from 2013 to 2019 Driven by Techno.. LINK


Agriculture and environmental practices, SDGs implementation – Find out more about the FFA2016 themes | VIDEO LINK

Food & Feed

FoodQuality: Did you know NIR Spectroscopy can identify variety & sweetness in fruit? LINK


Do you want better NIRS prediction results? Use your Near-Infrared Analysis data and do recalibration adjustment LINK

How to improve near-infrared Spectroscopy analysis? Get the free White Paper | Laboratory ExaminingFood petfood LINK

Increase Your Profit with optimized NIR Spectroscopy Accuracy QC FoodFeed Lab Agriculture crop grain soybean LINK

Optimize your Quantitative NIR Analysis Performance by Recalibrating your Chemometric Models LINK

Reduce Workload and Response Time of NIRS Analytical Laboratory Method Development | NIRS LINK

Spectroscopy and Chemometrics News Weekly 3, 2016 | molecular spectroscopy NIRS chemometrics software raman LINK