Spectroscopy and Chemometrics News Weekly #31, 2018


How to Configure the Number of Layers and Nodes in NeuralNetworks: BigData DataScience AI MachineLearning DeepLearning Algorithms by Source for graphic: | abdsc (2018.08.02) LINK

“Visible-Near-Infrared Spectroscopy can predict Mass Transport of Dissolved Chemicals through Intact Soil.” (2018.08.02) LINK

“Classification and compositional characterization of different varieties of cocoa beans by near infrared spectroscopy and multivariate statistical analyses.” (2018.08.02) LINK

“Classification of Chicken Parts Using a Portable Near-Infrared (NIR) Spectrophotometer and Machine Learning.” (2018.08.02) LINK

“Rapid Prediction of Low (<1%) trans Fat Content in Edible Oils and Fast Food Lipid Extracts by Infrared Spectroscopy and Partial Least Squares Regression” (2018.07.31) LINK

“Evaluating the performance of a consumer scale SCiO™ molecular sensor to predict quality of horticultural products” (2018.07.30) LINK

“Estimation of Total Phenols, Flavanols and Extractability of Phenolic Compounds in Grape Seeds Using Vibrational Spectroscopy and Chemometric Tools” (2018.07.26) LINK

Near Infrared

“FT-NIR, MicroNIR and LED-MicroNIR for Detection of Adulteration in Palm Oil via PLS and LDA” FTNIR NIRS (2018.08.03) LINK

“Long-Length Fiber Optic Near-Infrared (NIR) Spectroscopy Probes for On-Line Quality Control of Processed Land Animal Proteins” (2018.08.03) LINK

“Near-infrared spectroscopy for rapid and simultaneous determination of five main active components in rhubarb of different geographical origins and processing.” (2018.08.02) LINK

“Marktech Optoelectronics Introduces Silicon Avalanche Photodiodes for Low-Level Light and Short Pulse Detection” UV NIR NIRS SWIR (2018.08.02) LINK

“Innovative Technology Promises Fast, Cost-Efficient Age Data for Fisheries Management” FTNIR (2018.07.31) LINK

“Rapid qualitative and quantitative analysis of methamphetamine, ketamine, heroin, and cocaine by near-infrared spectroscopy.” (2018.07.31) LINK

We (led by ) have been independently assessing thew value of consumer scale NIR devices for horticultural quality assessment. Here is our published work assessing (2018.07.30) LINK


“Fault Detection Based on Near-Infrared Spectra for the Oil Desalting Process” (2018.08.05) LINK

“Common Infrared Optical Materials and Coatings: A Guide to Properties, Performance and Applications” (2018.08.04) LINK


SpectraBase – FREE, fast text access to hundreds of thousands of NMR, IR, Raman, UV-Vis, and mass spectra! spectroscopy (2018.08.02) LINK


“Three-Dimensional Reconstruction of Soybean Canopies Using Multisource Imaging for Phenotyping Analysis” (2018.08.03) LINK

“Smartphone Spectroscopy Promises a Data-Rich Future – An upsurge of portable, consumer-facing devices at the intersection of smartphone computing and spectroscopy is now leveraging integration. ” (2018.08.02) LINK

Innovative Technology Promises Fast, Cost-Efficient Age Data for Fisheries Management (2018.07.31) LINK

“Smartphone-Based Food Diagnostic Technologies: A Review” (2018.07.30) LINK


“Detection, Purity Analysis, and Quality Assurance of Adulterated Peanut (Arachis Hypogaea) Oils” (2018.08.02) LINK


“Potential of near infrared spectroscopy and pattern recognition for rapid discrimination and quantification of Gleditsia sinensis thorn powder with adulterants.” (2018.08.02) LINK


A micro-spectrometer fit for a smartphone: Could the power to measure things like CO2, food freshness, and blood sugar levels soon be in the palm of our hands? |rld/magazine/article/323/micro-spectrometer-opens-door-to-a-wealth-of-new-smartphone-functions?utm_source=twitter.com/CalibModel health safety medicine spectroscopy (2018.02.25) LINK

“Near-infrared spectroscopy detects age-related differences in skeletal muscle oxidative function: promising implications for geroscience.” (2018.02.08) LINK


69% of decision makers say industrial analytics will be crucial for business in 2020. | IoT IIoT MT LINK


Free Chemometric NIR Predictor Software! Simple plug&play calibrations, drag&drop spectral data, for any NIRS sensor device. Easy to use software for off-line and real-time prediction without limits. offline realtime (2018.08.04) LINK

Automated NIRS spectroscopy chemometrics method development with MachineLearning for spectrometer Spectral IoT sensor SmartSensor SmartSensors (2018.07.25) LINK

Automatic NIR Spectroscopy Calibration-Development as a Service. Applicable with free NIR-Predictor software or via OEM API. | NIRSpectroscopy NearInfrared NIRanalysis spectrometers DataAnalytics Regression Spectral Sensors QualityControl Lab (2018.07.26) LINK

Increase Your Profit with optimized NIRS Accuracy with Calibration as a Service (CaaS) and the new free NIR-Predictor software. | foodsafety Feed Lab QC QA testing (2018.08.03) LINK

New : FREE NIR Predictor Software, drag&drop spectral data to plug&play calibrations, for any NIRS Analysis sensor type. | Chemometrics Prediction (2018.07.24) LINK

Spectroscopy and Chemometrics News (KW 11-30 2018) | NIRS Spectroscopy Chemometrics analysis Spectral Spectrometer Sensors (2018.07.25) LINK

Spektroskopie und Chemometrie Neuigkeiten (KW 11-30 2018) | NIRS Spektroskopie Chemometrie analyse Spektral Spektrometer Sensor (2018.07.25) LINK

Spettroscopia e Chemiometria Weekly (KW 11-30 2018) | NIRS Spettroscopia Chemiometria analisi Spettrale Spettrometro Sensore (2018.07.25) LINK

光谱学和化学计量学新闻(KW#11-#30 2018) | 近红外光谱化学计量学分析光谱仪传感器 (2018.07.26) LINK

分光法とケモメトリックスニュース(KW#11-#30 2018) | 赤外分光法・ケモメトリックスの分光センサーの近く (2018.07.26) LINK

Spectroscopy and Chemometrics News Weekly #17, 2016

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Bayesian modelling and quantification of Raman spectroscopy. LINK

Near Infrared

ICNIRS 2017 Copenhagen – June 11th to 15th, 2017 – 18th international conference on NIR spectroscopy | NIRS LINK

International Diffuse Reflectance Conference (IDRC) from 30 July to 5 August 2016 at Chambersburg LINK

NIRS technology ensures shrimp feed quality at farm level LINK

IST patents low-cost NIR spectrometer for pharma – near-infrared spectroscopy, multivariate calibration methods LINK

Plastic recycling w/ NIR Spectoscopy. Separate polymers, improve processes + reduce waste LINK


Infrared spectroscopy as a tool to study plant cuticles LINK


New xiSpec Hyperspectral Multi-Linescan Camera – “smallest hyperspectral imaging (HSI) cameras available today” LINK


MarqMetrix launches fiber-optic contact probe for Raman spectroscopy – Test and Measurement LINK

NIR Spectrometers can be any chem. purpose sensor with a good model sensors LINK

Alltagstaugliche Spektrometer durch MEMS-Technologie LINK


Infiana : Infrarot-Spektroskopie auch bei der Beschichtung von Folien eine entscheidende Rolle spielen kann… LINK

The Race For AI: Google, Facebook, Amazon, Apple In A Rush To Grab Artificial Intelligence Startups AI LINK


Spectroscopy and Chemometrics News Weekly 16, 2016 | Molecular Spectroscopy NIRS Chemometrics Software Raman LINK

Spektroskopie und Chemometrie Neuigkeiten Wöchentlich 16, 2016 | NIRS Spektroskopie Chemometrie news LINK

Spettroscopia e Chemiometria Weekly News 17, 2016 | NIRS Spettroscopia Chemiometria news LINK

Chemometrics and NIRS Spectroscopy News Weekly #44, 2014

Chemometrics and NIRS Spectroscopy News Weekly #44, 2014

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Chemometrie und NIRS Spektroskopie Neuigkeiten Wöchentlich #44, 2014

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How to Pronounce Chemometrics LINK
Preparation of a Spectrophotometer for the calibration w/ Hellma glass filters | UV-Vis Vis LINK
John Deere HarvestLab Wins Innovation Award. NIR sensor , calibration curves DairyLab … LINK

Near Infrared

On-Line Measurement of Chemical Oxygen Demand in Wastewater in a Pulp & Paper Mill Using NIR LINK
Near-Infrared Reflectance Spectroscopy Oximeter in Shock | CHEST2014 LINK
近红外光谱(NIR)分析技术是分析化学领域迅猛发展的高新分析技术 LINK
Reduce new corn silage slump | NDF NIR NIRS corn silage LINK
SETI instrument to search for direct evidence of interstellar communications at near-infrared wavelengths 900-1700nm LINK


Guiding brain tumor resection using SERS nanoparticles and a hand-held Raman scanner LINK
Building the Next Generation of Raman spectroscopy – highly specialized analytical technique LINK
Video: Describes the process of Raman scattering and how it can be used for spectroscopy LINK


Boeing : Satellites to Provide Unique Spectral Imaging Capability | SWIR hyperspectral LINK

Spectral Imaging

Glowing in the dark: multispectral imaging and Egyptian blue LINK
International Assoc. for Spectral Imaging having their 5th conference in Rome, Italy on Dec 3-5, 2014. More info at LINK


Raptor Launches the NINOX 640, a Cooled VIS-SWIR InGaAs Camera | SWIR VIS LINK
Global Molecular Spectroscopy Market 2014-2018 | spectrometer spectral analyzer instrument LINK


Neues FTIR-Spektrometer von Bruker: Das FTIR-Spektrometer TENSOR II LINK
Leica Geosystems Airborne Imaging Capabilities Enhanced with Headwall’s Hyperspec Sensors LINK
ramanPi – 3D Printable Raspberry Pi Raman Spectrometer LINK


Cargill backs Canadian research facility looking to convert low quality crops into high performing feed | seed-sorting LINK
FluorescenceImaging method using SWIR light detects Cancer early: LINK
Estimation of Nitrogen Vertical Distribution by Bi-Direct Canopy Reflectance in Winter Wheat LINK

Food & Feed

Food firmness predicted from combined acoustic and optical data – visible/NIR spectra | fruit LINK
The Analytical Science of Winemaking | wine alcoholic beverage fermented grapes fruits LINK


Automatic standardization method for Raman spectrometers w/ applications to pharmaceuticals LINK


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18th International conference on Molecular Spectroscopy 31 Oct – 4 Nov in Suzhou, China. LINK


9 Gründe Warum Nah-Infrarot Spektroskopie Applikationen periodische Kalibrations Wartung brauchen | NIR NIRS FTNIR LINK
9 Reasons why near-Infrared Spectroscopy Applications need periodic Calibration Maintenance | NIR NIRS Infrared LINK
9 raisons pour lesquelles les applications de spectroscopie proche infrarouge nécessitent étalonnage de maintenance LINK
9 razões pelas quais as aplicações do infravermelho próximo espectroscopia exigem manutenção calibração periódica LINK
9個原因為什麼近紅外光譜的應用程序需要定期校準維護 | NIR NIRS FTNIR LINK
Do you use NIR Spectroscopy for Quality Control? You need to know . | GLP GMP QbD PAT OQ PQ pauto testing labs LINK
Do you use NIR Spectroscopy for Quality Control? You need to know .. | NIR NIRS Infrared nearinfrared spectrometer LINK
Fast Development & Optimization of analytical methods for NIR spectroscopy to accurate prediction model | Lab food LINK
Improve Accuracy of fast Nondestructive NIR Measurements by Optimal Calibration | Feed ag Lab NIRS pauto QAQC LINK
Increase Your Profit with optimized NIR Accuracy | Process Protein Oil plastic colors paints milk soy Soybean LINK
NIR 光谱学与光谱分析 LINK
News: NIR Spectroscopy and Chemometrics News Weekly 43, 2014 LINK
News: NIR Spektroskopie und Chemometrie Neuigkeiten Wöchentlich 43, 2014 LINK
Optimize your Quantitative NIR Analysis Performance by Recalibrating your Chemometric Models LINK
Quantitative Analytical NIR Method Development for Quality Control Laboratory & Analytical Laboratories | Food QA QC LINK
Services for Professional development of NIRS calibration Equations | NIRS Near-Infrared-Spectroscopy QAQC Lab NIR LINK
Start Optimizing. Use Calibration Model for your customized NIRS Applications | NIR Spectroscopy QAQC quality LINK
近五年我国近红外光谱分析技术研究与应用进展 DOI: 10,3964 / j.issn.1000-0593 (2014) 10-2595-11 NIR NIR near InfraRed LINK