Chemometrics and Spectroscopy News Weekly #20, 2014

Chemometrics and Spectroscopy News Weekly #20, 2014

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Chemometrie und Spektroskopie Neuigkeiten Wöchentlich #20, 2014

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Random things that correlate spurious correlations fun LINK

Near Infrared

New technology enables improved meat grading – also using near infrared spectroscopy LINK NIR CCD Platform – iDus 416 – Andor Technology LINK Wins Two Significant Orders for FT-NIR Spectrometers in China | NIRS NIR LINK Forget fingerprints – banks are starting to use vein patterns for ATMs. NIR light is tran.. LINK Global market for noninvasive brain monitors to exceed US $250 million in 2019 – NIRS LINK Forecast of Apple Internal Quality Indices at Harvest and Storage by VIS-NIR Spectroscopy LINK Micro-cracks on solar cells: near-infrared machinevision catches them LINK SCiO 能够读懂世界的关键,在于背后的近场红外光谱技术(NIRS)。 LINK Test grasses for yield & feedstock quality using NIRS. | carbon nitrogen sugars fiber lignin LINK We are pleased to announce that NIR-Online GmbH is now part of the BUCHI Group. LINK Effect of Cellulose Crystallinity on the Moisture Absorbability of Pharmaceutical Tablet Studied by NIR Spectroscopy LINK ISO 17184:2014: Soil quality – Determination of carbon and nitrogen by near-infrared spectrometry NIRS LINK


Raman spectroscopy in determination of horse meat content in the mixture with other meats LINK Characterizing hazardous inkjet samples using Raman scattering. SERS LINK


Die elektronische Spürnase. Ein Terahertz-Spektrometer erkennt gefährliche Post  LINK


Exelis successfully tests airborne HSI sensor capable of detecting explosives LINK Gyro stabilization mounts balance hyperspectral sensors. | somag LINK Early detection of basal stem rot disease (Ganoderma) in oil palms based on hyperspectral reflectance data … LINK Using airborne hyperspectral data to characterize the surface pH and mineralogy of pyrite mine tailings LINK Feasibility of using hyperspectral imaging to predict moisture content of porcine meat during salting process LINK

Spectral Imaging

NEANY & Visual Intelligence to Deploy iOne M+ 108 Megapixel Multispectral Sensor in Arrow UAS LINK


Milk and Dairy Analysis using the MPA FT-NIR Spectrometer from Bruker Dairy Analysis LINK Focus Sharpens on Miniature Optical Spectrometers – honored to have contributed this article to … LINK Focus Sharpens on Miniature Optical Spectrometers LINK Remote sensing with a miniature spectrometer Booth 1967 LINK!


Imaging beyond the visible: “so much more than we can see.” Check the story and video LINK Grass, protein and climate: NIR calibrations to relate the quality of cattle diet. LINK World wheat production in 2014/15 is projected to decline. LINK Global oilseed supplies seen surging with a record U.S. soybean crop. LINK

Food & Feed

Food Safety Initiatives r Pushing Hard For Food Testing Lab Accreditation LINK Research & Markets and Investment Prospect of China Food Safety Testing Industry – 2018 LINK Fruit Grower: High-tech cherry packing facility debuts. Electronic sorters for defects LINK


New family of recyclable plastics created ‘by accident’ LINK


What is the legal status of FDA draft guidance? LINK


Mid-IR laser sales growing 4x faster than total laser market | laser MIDIR IR LINK U.S. cotton area and production to rise in 2014/15. LINK Companies commercialize VTT technology that miniaturises optical measuring devices LINK MEMS session looking stellar w/ & more presenting LINK