Chemometrie und Spektroskopie Neuigkeiten Wöchentlich #27, 2014

Chemometrics and Spectroscopy News Weekly #27, 2014

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Chemometrie und Spektroskopie Neuigkeiten Wöchentlich #27, 2014

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NIR calibration methods compared – Interview with Dr. Pierre Dardenne: LINK White Paper | NIR Calibration Model measure LINK History of Chemometrics: Chemometrics was developed in the 1960s LINK

Near Infrared

Raw Materials Identification Testing by NIR Spectroscopy & Raman Spectroscopy LINK Advantages of Near-Infrared Spectroscopy in Pharmaceutical Analysis LINK Market report predicts major growth for infrared sensors: Near infrared NIR, SWIR, MWIR,LWIR LINK


Food Recognition using InfraRed Spectroscopy (FRiES) | FoodAdulteration LINK Fourier transform mid infrared spectroscopy applications for monitoring the structural plast… | LINK


Seeing your true colors: Standards for hyperspectral imaging | HSI LINK The Solar-Powered Robot Farmers Are Almost Here. hyperspectral camera gathering sensor data LINK

Spectral Imaging

Development of a Mobile Multispectral Imaging Platform for Precise Field Phenotyping LINK


highlights how DLPtechnology can enable fast, precise spectrometers LINK Agilent’s brilliant handheld spectrometer; ultimate mobile analysis. Entered for Victorian Premier’s Design Award. LINK Álava Ingenieros integrará en un UAV el primer sistema nano hiperspectral del … Hyperspec (Headwall Photonics) LINK


Global Food Diagnostics Systems Market – Forecast To 2018 Hybridization,Chromatography,Spectrometry,Biosensor,Testing LINK Food Safety Testing & Diagnostics Market Forecast 2014-2024 LINK

Process Control

Single-Pixel ‘Multiplex’ Captures Elusive Terahertz Images | engineering LINK


AB Vista NIR unit reveals forage quality on the spot | AuNir ABVista LINK A Robot Sphere Is Rolling Over to Save Farmers’ Jobs | precision agriculture LINK


Westfro Expands Capacity & Ensures Quality w/ Investment in Bühler SORTEX Sorting Solutions LINK


Thanks for the RTs this week! via LINK More than Cherries – thanks to new optical sorting technology … LINK IDS präsentiert erste AIA-zertifizierte USB3 Vision Industriekameras LINK

WHITEPAPER: A Novel knowledge-based Chemometric Software for quantitative NIR Calibration Modeling | NIRS LINK
Increase Your Profit with optimized NIR Accuracy Process Protein Oil plastic colors paints LINK
Service für Professionelle NIR-Methoden Entwicklung (Kalibrierungen) | NIRS Near Infrared Spectroscopy QAQC QA LINK
Entwicklung von Methoden der NIR-Analyse für Lebensmittel- und Milchprodukte | NIR NIRS Prüflabor Labor foodsafety LINK
Sie kalibrieren mit PLS, PCR und MLR Ihre NIRS Daten ? Dies spart Ihnen Zeit | pharma food feed NIR NIRS LINK
Development & Optimization of analytical methods for NIR spectroscopy to accurate prediction LINK

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