Spectroscopy and Chemometrics News Weekly #1, 2016


Using NIR Spectroscopy for Real –Time Inline Predictions of Jet Fuel Properties – AZoM LINK

Determination of Omega-3 Fatty Acids in Fish Oil Supplements Using Vibrational Spectroscopy and Chemometric Methods LINK

Abstract: Near infrared multivariate model maintenance: the cornerstone of success LINK

Near Infrared

The Effect of Multiplicative Scatter Correction (MSC) and Linearity Improvement in NIR Spectroscopy | NIRS LINK

Standard Normal Variate Transformation and De-Trending of Near-Infrared Diffuse Reflectance Spectra | NIR NIRS SNV LINK

Magical SCiO gadget scans your food to reveal its nutritional value NIRS LINK

Comparison and data fusion of electronic nose and NIR reflectance spectroscopy for the discrimination of ginsengs LINK

Determination of Total Organic Carbon and Soluble Solids Contents in Tanreqing Injection Intermediates with NIR .. LINK


Improved Sensitivity of Infrared Spectroscopy by the Application of Least Squares Methods LINK


Largest Crude Oil Declines in History ’14-16: -68.5% ’08-09: -68.2% ’90-93: -64.7% ’85-86: -63.4% ’96-98: -53.5%LINK!


The worlds smallest molecular sensor (spectrometer)! Will we see this in a smart phone? LINK!

Assessing potato chip oil quality using a portable IR spectrometer combined with pattern recognition analysis LINK


Top 10 BigData Trends in 2016 for Financial Services | fraud MachineLearning LINK


Applied Spectroscopy’s new home with Sage Publishing. Free Access to All Online Issues 1946-2015 LINK

10x Not 10% – Product Management by Orders of Magnitude – by Ken Norton LINK

Food & Feed

Characterization and Detection of Olive Oil Adulterations Using Chemometrics foodfraud LINK


Quanergy Announces $250 Solid-State LIDAR for Cars, Robots, and More | LIDAR LINK

Check for counterfeit medications using mobile spectroscopy pharama CES2016 LINK

Best tech of CES 2016 LINK

SCiO molecular sensor on meet us at CES2016 LINK

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