Spectroscopy and Chemometrics News Weekly #18, 2016

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Do you use NIR Spectroscopy for Quality Control? You need to know | GLP GMP QbD PAT OQ PQ pauto testing labs LINK

Imagine the amount of literature on NIR spectroscopy & chemometrics. Find time to study & incorporate into practice? LINK

Improve Accuracy of fast Nondestructive NIR Measurements by Optimal Calibration Model Equation | Feed ag Lab PLS LINK

Increase Your Profit with optimized NIR Accuracy QA QC Food Feed Lab Agriculture crop grain soybean LINK

Near-Infrared Spectroscopy : improve the accuracy of multivariate PLS model LINK

Timesaving Calibration Modeling Method: near-infrared NIR Spectroscopy NIRS multivariate quantitative prediction LINK


SCiO Spectroscan applets – material sensing apps (optical spectroscopy machine learning) LINK

Near Infrared

Nondestructive determination of cocoa bean quality using FT-NIR spectroscopy LINK


Benefits of hyperspectral imaging in agriculture and how to address various farming issues LINK


Ocean Optics expands flame spectrometer line with versatile miniature NIR spectrometer LINK


15years providing free optical spectroscopy software SPEKWIN32. Now crowdfunding next step LINK

Fiber Optic Biosensor-Integrated Microfluidic Chip Detects Glucose Levels LINK

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