Spectroscopy and Chemometrics News Weekly #25, 2015

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Dynamic Sampling Accessories Provide Measurement Consistency – for building NIR calibration models for quant analysis LINK

Wenn aus reinen Prozessdaten Prozessintelligenz wird – multivariate Daten in ein chemometrisches Modell eingespeist LINK

Application of support vector regression for simultaneous modelling of near infrared spectra f/multiple process steps LINK

Prediction of starch content and ethanol yields of sorghum grain using near infrared spectroscopy LINK

‘We are moving away from a model that relies on static table values for formulation’ – Cargill LINK

Automatic corn (Zea mays) kernel inspection system using novelty detection based on PCA LINK

Advances in inline quantification of co-eluting proteins in chromatography | midUV LINK

Near Infrared

NIR spectroscopy produces a handy image of blood circulation LINK

NIRS and artificial neural network to characterise olive fruit & oil online for process optimisation | spectroscopy LINK

VIS-NIR, SWIR and LWIR Imagery for Estimation of Ground Bearing Capacity LINK


Die Technologie der Zukunft setzt auf das Licht – Raman-Spektroskopie (SERS) – identifiziert Biomoleküle LINK


New development for SWIR spectroscopy: Extended InGaAs line array. LINK

ASTM E131-10(2015): Standard Terminology Relating to Molecular Spectroscopy LINK

Food & Feed

“Peanut powder generates a NIR spectrum that is distinctive from those for wheat flour, powdered milk & cocoa.” | HSI LINK


Iconic Amsterdam museum uses Raman specroscopy to study paintings | preservation ancient paintings LINK


How to Scale Up Kernel Methods to Be As Good As Deep Neural Nets LINK

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