Spectroscopy and Chemometrics News Weekly #38, 2015


Wavenumber selection based on spectral fluctuation dividing & correlation-based clustering for calibration modeling LINK

Near infrared spectroscopy showed potential as a tool for biogas and chemical composition prediction LINK

11 Clever Methods of Overfitting and how to avoid them | machinelearning chemometrics LINK

Data Science 101: Preventing Overfitting in Neural Networks | AAN LINK

Conference: XVI Chemometrics in Analytical Chemistry (CAC),6–10 June 2016, Barcelona, Spain Chemometrics Chemistry LINK

Near Infrared

Auszeichnungen: Nahinfrarotspektroskopie als Schnellverfahren zur Qualitätsbewertung von Traubenmaischen LINK

Near-infrared spectroscopy as a tool for driving research LINK

Video: Instrument standardisation. The importance of NIR instruments all measuring the same LINK

Infrared technology (NIRS) could assess meat in plans to increase sales – LINK

mobile Scio NIRS Un scanner de poche pour savoir de quoi est fait un objet ou un aliment LINK


Hyperspectral remote sensing of crop properties with Drones | drone GIS ag LINK

Spectral Imaging

Spectral imaging to map moisture in solar cells – detecting moisture buildup in solar cells | solarcells LINK


New NIR models speedup feedstock analysis process – Ethanol Producer Magazine | biomass feedstock LINK


Precision Spine Announces FDA Approval of the Reform Modular and HA Coated Pedicle Screw Systems LINK

First 3D barcode helps pharma fight fakes Sofmat Pharma 3DBarcode 3d barcode LINK


Blogged: Spectroscopy and Chemometrics News Weekly 37, 2015 | Molecular Vibrational Spectroscopy NIR Chemometrics LINK

Dear Management this blog on machinelearning for spectroscopy may be of interest | quality LINK

Develop customized NIR applications and freeing up hours of spectroscopy analysts time LINK

Free technical whitepaper: Knowledge-based Chemometric Software Framework for quantitative NIR Calibration Modeling LINK

Increase Your Profit with optimized NIRS Accuracy Food Feed FoodSafety ag Lab QC QA PAT QbD Pharma LINK

Optimize NIR Spectroscopy Performance by Recalibrating the Models | analysis laboratory equipment QAQC QCQA chem LINK

Summary: Spectroscopy and Chemometrics News Weekly 37, 2015 | Molecular Vibrational Spectroscopy NIR Chemometrics LINK

Timesaving NIRS Calibration : near-infrared spectroscopy | HPLC NIRS LINK

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