Chemometrics and Spectroscopy News Weekly #14, 2014Chemometrie und Spektroskopie Neuigkeiten Wöchentlich #14, 2014

Chemometrics and Spectroscopy News Weekly #14, 2014

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Chemometrie und Spektroskopie Neuigkeiten Wöchentlich #14, 2014

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Molecular Spectroscopy Market worth $5.9 Billion by 2018 | NIRS Spectroscopy Chemometrics LINK Quantitative Interpretation of Mineral Hyperspectral Images Based on PCA and ICA Methods LINK

Near Infrared

FT-NIR Spectrometer Designed for Polyol Analysis - immediate OH value determination | NIRS LINK Introducing HTS 250 FT-NIR Autosampling System | NIRS LINK NIR Workshop Offers Beef Producers Another Way to Improve Feed Efficiency LINK On-Line Application of NIR Spectroscopy for Monitoring Water Levels in ppm in Distillation Process LINK Forscher kontrollieren Biomasseumwandlung mit NIR-Spektroskopie | pauto biomass control LINK

Spectral Imaging

Image Sensors: Novel sensors designs tackle multispectral applications LINK SPECTRAL IMAGING/CHEMICAL SENSING: Getting started with spectral imaging LINK


InGaAs SWIR Cameras Open New Opportunities LINK


3 Challenges to Overcome with MedTech Sensors | Anything else you would add to the list? LINK


Analytica 2014 startet mit positiven Erwartungen - Spektroskopie, Imaging, Chemometrik LINK


New Progeny Material ID Handheld Raman Analyser Unveiled LINK Pixel-shifting Spectrometer On Chip LINK Multi-function Spectrometer-on-chip With A Single Detector Array LINK Wavenumber-linearized Spectrometer On Chip In A Spectral-domain Optical Coherence Tomography LINK


Feed analysis determines energy value in screenings - calibration curve |/ NIRS nutrients LINK Project tackles growing pains of Europe´s grass producers | crops, wheat,maize, turf grass sod LINK

Food & Feed

A look at The Future of Food Safety Testing including the use of LIMS LINK The Role of Analytical Testing in Maintaining FoodSafety - chemometric data analysis LINK


Brighter economic prospects set instrument industry on a path to stronger sales in 2014 LINK


Insect Wings Could Yield Better Heat and Chemical Sensors LINK Multivariate Analysis of Tannin-Impregnated Wood Species Using Vibrational Spectroscopy LINK MHRA and push portable spectroscopy for instant fake detection LINK