Chemometrics and Spectroscopy News Weekly #15, 2014

Chemometrics and Spectroscopy News Weekly #15, 2014

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Chemometrie und Spektroskopie Neuigkeiten Wöchentlich #15, 2014

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Determination of chondroitin sulfate in tablet by Raman spectroscopy & NIR & chemometrics LINK A tutorial paper on Principal Component Analysis – | chemometrics LINK Online updating of NIR models …is proposed in new Chemolab article LINK How to maintain calibration models? A trial to reduce cost : recent paper by Du et al.. LINK A Tutorial on Principal Component Analysis. | Chemometrics PCA LINK Regression modeling & quality prediction for multiphase batch processes with analysis … LINK

Near Infrared

Determination of biochemical parameters in human serum by near-infrared spectroscopy LINK Princeton Instruments NIRvana 640ST for scientific imaging applications in SWIR 900-1700nm LINK Robustness considerations and effects of moisture variations on near infrared method … LINK In a search for altitude sickness remedies, scientists studied mountain climbers’ brains using NIR spectroscopy. http:/… LINK TI NIR DLP晶片組與NIRscan評估模組支援光譜分析 – 在2014年匹茲堡分析化學及實驗展上(Pittcon2014),德州儀器(TI)推出首款為支援近紅外線(NIR) LINK


Mid IR Sensors: Market Shares, Strategies, and Forecasts to 2019 – non-destructive testing LINK


Drug monitoring in IV tubing using Raman spectroscopy LINK


Drones: huge potential for European economy. European Commission – |/  LINK Hyperspectral data acquisition management tools! LINK

Spectral Imaging

Microsoft : Submit Patent Application, “High Resolution Multispectral Image Capture” |/ $MSFT LINK


Vibrational spectroscopy opens up new ways to diagnose chronic diseases LINK James Webb’s near-IR spectrometer slotted into place: | NASA LINK


Deutsche Analysen-, Bio- & Labortechnik mit positiven Erwartungen für 2014 | Prozessanalytik LINK


Raman Spectrometers : handheld, portable, process control instruments LINK New post: Affordable NIR spectrometers for lab or field applications LINK Optical UV/Vis/NIR Immersion Probes for Online Analytical Analysis LINK MiniRam III Raman Spectrometer from Pacer International: for mobile applications LINK


News: Senomyx Enters Into Research Agreement With PepsiCo To Identify New Salt Flavor Modifiers LINK


Introducing the new eBee Ag – our latest automated mini drone specifically for agriculture => | http://… LINK Spectral imaging satellites monitor global vegetation health LINK A6: Check out the FDA Pinterest page for infographics covering food labels, cholesterol & more |/ … NPHWchLINK Investment in agri innovation is key to coping with a climate-induced food crisis: | via … LINK Des drones au salon de l’Agriculture pour la première fois! | agriculture |/… LINK

Food & Feed

Analysentechnik-Verband hegt positive Erwartungen für 2014 – Pharma + Food online LINK


Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy, new free e-book Microscopy & Analysis LINK


Raman spectroscopy non-invasive probe, Aura : superior sensitivity/specificity – skin cancer |:-a-versatile-technology-209197 LINK


North American molecular spectroscopy market dominates the US$4.3Bn global market in 2013 LINK Analytical Methods – USP’s Future Expectations: LINK Key Technology Showcases Digital Sorting and Specialized Conveying at Interpack | KTEC Interpack2014LINK