Spectroscopy and Chemometrics/Machine-Learning News Weekly #51, 2021

NIR Calibration-Model Services

How to improve calibration models for NIR Instrument Devices | Wheat Food Security multispectral NIRS LINK

Spectroscopy and Chemometrics News Weekly 50, 2021 | NIRS NIR Spectroscopy MachineLearning Spectrometer Spectrometric Analytical Chemistry Chemical Analysis Lab Labs Laboratories Laboratory Software IoT Sensors QA QC Testing Quality LINK

Spektroskopie und Chemometrie Neuigkeiten Wöchentlich 50, 2021 | NIRS NIR Spektroskopie MachineLearning Spektrometer IoT Sensor Nahinfrarot Chemie Analytik Analysengeräte Analysentechnik Analysemethode Nahinfrarotspektroskopie Laboranalyse LINK

Spettroscopia e Chemiometria Weekly News 50, 2021 | NIRS NIR Spettroscopia MachineLearning analisi chimica Spettrale Spettrometro Chem IoT Sensore Attrezzatura analitica Laboratorio analisi prova qualità Analysesystem QualityControl LINK

Near-Infrared Spectroscopy (NIRS)

“A dataset of the chemical composition and near-infrared spectroscopy measurements of raw cattle, poultry and pig manure” LINK

“Application of near-infrared spectroscopy and multivariate methods for the estimation of isopropyl alcohol content in hand sanitizer formulation” LINK

“Akurasi Deteksi Kualitas Nutrisi dan Kecernaan Hijauan Pakan menggunakan Near Infrared Reflectance Spectroscopy (NIRS)” LINK

“Rapid estimation of a soil− water retention curve using visible− near infrared spectroscopy” LINK

“Non-destructive detection of multi-component heavy metals in corn oil using nano-modified colorimetric sensor combined with near-infrared spectroscopy” LINK

“Classification of Browning on Intact Table Grape Bunches Using Near-Infrared Spectroscopy Coupled With Partial Least Squares-Discriminant Analysis and Artificial Neural Networks” LINK

“Qualitative barometry of high P/T rocks with field based NIR spectroscopy of white mica” LINK

“Applications and Mechanisms of Near Infrared Spectroscopy For Age Estimation in Otoliths of Red Snapper Lutjanus Campechanus” LINK

“An Improved Residual Network for Pork Freshness Detection Using Near-Infrared Spectroscopy” LINK

“Report on the construction of portable NIRS equation to estimate forage quality in Brachiaria decumbens-ruzisiensis-brizantha species complex” LINK

“Sensors : Enhanced Sensitivity and Detection of Near-Infrared Refractive Index Sensor with Plasmonic Multilayers” LINK

“Feasibility of near-infrared spectroscopy for species identification and parasitological diagnosis of freshwater snails of the genus Biomphalaria (Planorbidae)” LINK

“Evaluation of the robustness of a novel NIR-based technique to measure the residual moisture in freeze-dried products” LINK

“Application of Near Infrared Reflectance (NIR) spectroscopy to predict the moisture, protein, and fat content of beef for gourmet hamburger preparation” LINK

“On-Line Real-Time Monitoring of a Rapid Enzymatic Oil Degumming Process: A Feasibility Study Using Free-Run Near-Infrared Spectroscopy” LINK

“Genotypic classification of wheat using near-infrared spectroscopy and PLS-DA” LINK

“Study of Muscular Fatigue Effect on Human-Machine Interface Using Electromyography and Near-Infrared Spectroscopy” LINK

“Functional near-infrared spectroscopy brain imaging predicts symptom severity in youth exposed to traumatic stress” LINK

“Dry mechanochemical synthesis of ethenzamide and saccharin 1: 1 cocrystal and their evaluation using powder X-ray diffraction and FT-IR and NIR spectroscopy” LINK

“Influence of long-term natural degradation processes on near-infrared spectra and sorting of post-consumer plastics” LINK

Infrared Spectroscopy (IR) and Near-Infrared Spectroscopy (NIR)

“Near-infrared studies of nova V1674 Herculis: A shocking record-breaker” LINK

“A New Vegetation Index in Short-Wave Infrared Region of Electromagnetic Spectrum” LINK

“Identification of Pu’er raw tea with different storage years by infrared spectroscopy” LINK

“Analisa Gula Kristal Putih Secara Cepat Menggunakan Near Infrared Spectroscopy” LINK

“Rapid and nondestructive freshness evaluation of squid by FTIR coupled with chemometric techniques” LINK

Hyperspectral Imaging (HSI)

“Rapid ripening stage classification and dry matter prediction of durian pulp using a pushbroom near infrared hyperspectral imaging system” LINK

“An Effective Feature Extraction Approach Based on Spectral-Gabor Space Discriminant Analysis for Hyperspectral Image” LINK

“Fast detection of water loss and hardness for cucumber using hyperspectral imaging technology” LINK

“Assessment of diabetic small‐fiber neuropathy by using short‐wave infrared (SWIR) hyperspectral imaging” LINK

Chemometrics and Machine Learning

“Evaluation of Optimized Preprocessing and Modeling Algorithms for Prediction of Soil Properties Using VIS-NIR Spectroscopy” LINK

“Who is wining? A comparison of humans versus computers for calibration model building” LINK

“In-situ spectral calibration module for an earth observation satellite” LINK

“Who is wining? A comparison of humans versus computers for calibration model building” LINK

“Evaluation of Optimized Preprocessing and Modeling Algorithms for Prediction of Soil Properties Using VIS-NIR Spectroscopy” LINK

“Organic matter estimation of surface soil using successive projection algorithm” LINK

“Determination of the total viable count of Chinese meat dishes by near‐infrared spectroscopy: A predictive model” LINK

“Improving soil organic carbon mapping with a fieldspecific calibration approach through diffuse reflectance spectroscopy and machine learning algorithms” LINK

“Soil profile analysis using interactive visualizations, machine learning, and deep learning” LINK

Research on Spectroscopy

“Study on a fast non-contact detection method for key parameters of refractory organic wastewater treatment” LINK

Equipment for Spectroscopy

“Monitoring the ripening attributes of Turkish white cheese using miniaturized vibrational spectrometers” LINK

“Applied Sciences : Detection of Bovine Mastitis in Raw Milk, Using a Low-Cost NIR Spectrometer and k-NN Algorithm” LINK

Process Control and NIR Sensors

“A survey of neuromonitoring practices in North American pediatric intensive care units” LINK

Environment NIR-Spectroscopy Application

“Denitrification of Permeable Sand Sediment in a Headwater River Is Mainly Influenced by Water Chemistry, Rather Than Sediment Particle Size and Heterogeneity” LINK

“Remote Sensing : An Implementation of Open Source-Based Software as a Service (SaaS) to Produce TOA and TOC Reflectance of High-Resolution KOMPSAT-3/3A Satellite Image” LINK

Agriculture NIR-Spectroscopy Usage

“Hyperspectral imagery applications for precision agriculture-a systemic survey” | LINK

“Fodder biomass, nutritive value, and grain yield of dual-purpose improved cereal crops in Burkina Faso” LINK

“Remote Sensing : Estimating Crop Biophysical Parameters Using Machine Learning Algorithms and Sentinel-2 Imagery” LINK

“… gryllotalpa (Orthoptera: Gryllotalpidae) on plant and crop characteristics of sugar beet, Beta vulgaris L. and detection of associated damage using hyperspectral …” LINK

“Measurement of absorption and scattering properties of milk using a hyperspectral spatial frequency domain imaging system” LINK

“The relationship of the underlying lipidic plaque at the implanted newer-generation drug-eluting stents with future stent-related events: insights from the REASSURE …” LINK

Chemical Industry NIR Usage

“Polymers : Multifunctional Optical Device with a Continuous Tunability over 500 nm Spectral Range Using Polymerized Cholesteric Liquid Crystals” LINK

“In Situ Spectroelectrochemical-Conductance Measurements as an Efficient Tool for the Evaluation of Charge Trapping in Conducting Polymers” LINK

Medicinal Spectroscopy

“Cancers : A Tissue Section-Based Near-Infrared Spectroscopical Analysis of Salivary Gland Tumors” LINK

Laboratory and NIR-Spectroscopy

“Establishment of instrument operation qualification and routine performance qualification procedures for handheld near-infrared spectrometers used at different locations within a laboratory network” LINK


“JMMP : Filament Development for Laser Assisted FFF 3D Printing” LINK

“Sensing Technology Survey for Obstacle Detection in Vegetation” LINK

” 联合特征子空间分布对齐的标定迁移方法” LINK

“Research on Adulteration Detection of Rattan Pepper Oil Based on BAS_WOA_SVR” LINK

“EUNADICS-AV early warning system dedicated to supporting aviation in the case of a crisis from natural airborne hazards and radionuclide clouds” LINK

“近红外光谱技术在危重新生儿的应用及研究进展” LINK

“近红外光谱在川贝母及非川贝母品种鉴别中的应用” LINK

“便携式近红外仪在反刍动物饲料质量分析中的应用研究” LINK

“Multifunctional Optical Device with a Continuous Tunability over 500 nm Spectral Range Using Polymerized Cholesteric Liquid Crystals” LINK

“Optical and structure properties of CH3NH3PbI3 perovskite films doped with Cesium” LINK

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