Spectroscopy and Chemometrics News Weekly #27, 2015


Chemometric optimization of the robustness of the near infrared spectroscopic method in wheat quality control-PubMed LINK

Algorithms and Technologies for Multispectral, Hyperspectral, and Ultraspectral Imagery LINK

Spectral and Image Integrated Analysis of Hyperspectral Data for Waxy Corn Seed Variety Classification LINK

Spectrophotometer Calibration Standards for NIR Wavelength Accuracy Verification LINK

Big Data Dilemma – Finding the Hidden Value – Automation World | chemometrician LINK

Near Infrared

Novel NIR spectroscopic imaging improves detection of poor circulation LINK

FT-NIR spectroscopy : the estimation of parameters in pretreated lignocellulosic materials for bioethanol production LINK


SCIRP Analysis of Human Sperm Characteristics Using Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy LINK

Vibrational Spectroscopy: IR vs. Raman | video LINK


Why SWIR Band in Remote Sensing? LINK


With Tiny Smartphone Spectrometers, Everybody Can Be A Chemist – Popular Science LINK

Quantum-dot spectrometer is small enough to function within a smartphone LINK

A colloidal quantum dot spectrometer – Nature | Spectroscopy LINK


“Surface Analysis Market by Instrumentation Technology, Industry & End User – Global Forecast to 2020” LINK


Feed mill process control with FT-NIR spectroscopy | ag LINK

Food & Feed

Food safety testing market worth $15 billion by 2019 LINK


Quantenpunkt-Spektrometer passt jetzt ins Handy | Spektrometer LINK

Star Trek-style ‘tricorders’ on their way to customers – The Times of Israel | spectroscopy LINK

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