Spectroscopy and Chemometrics News Weekly #14, 2021

NIR Calibration-Model Services

How to create Near-Infrared Spectroscopy Equations today? | Application Prozess Chemie NIR Engineer Lab NIR ag LINK

Improve Accuracy of fast Nondestructive NIRS Measurements by Optimal Calibration | Feed Lab prediction Sensor LINK

Spectroscopy and Chemometrics News Weekly 13, 2021 | NIRS NIR Spectroscopy MachineLearning Spectrometer Spectrometric Analytical Chemistry Chemical Analysis Lab Labs Laboratories Laboratory Software IoT Sensors QA QC Testing Quality LINK

Spektroskopie und Chemometrie Neuigkeiten Wöchentlich 13, 2021 | NIRS NIR Spektroskopie MachineLearning Spektrometer IoT Sensor Nahinfrarot Chemie Analytik Analysengeräte Analysentechnik Analysemethode Nahinfrarotspektroskopie Laboranalyse LINK

Spettroscopia e Chemiometria Weekly News 13, 2021 | NIRS NIR Spettroscopia MachineLearning analisi chimica Spettrale Spettrometro Chem IoT Sensore Attrezzatura analitica Laboratorio analisi prova qualità Analysesystem QualityControl LINK

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Near-Infrared Spectroscopy (NIRS)

Green Coffee Lab Intern – NIR Methods Nestlé SA Company LINK

Handheld near infrared spectroscopy has again proved a powerful tool in detecting food fraud, this time in oregano samples, according to research published in the journal Food Chemistry LINK

“Infrared Spectroscopy—Mid-infrared, Near-infrared, and Far-infrared/Terahertz Spectroscopy” NIR MIR THz FIR LINK


“Rheo-optical near-infrared (NIR) analysis of binary amorphous polymer blend consisting of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA)” LINK

“Application of portable NIR spectroscopy for classifying and quantifying cocoa bean quality parameters” LINK

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“A comprehensive Vis-NIRS equation for rapid quantification of seed glucosinolate content and composition across diverse Brassica oilseed chemotypes” LINK

“Evaluating basic density calibrations based on NIR spectra recorded on the three wood faces and subject to different mathematical treatments” LINK

Infrared Spectroscopy (IR) and Near-Infrared Spectroscopy (NIR)

“Near infrared reflectance spectroscopy and molecular tools to evaluate land use impact on soil quality. A case study in a tropical ecosystem (altitude plains, Lao PDR)” LINK

“Non-destructive Detection of Heavy Metals in Vegetable Oil Based on Nano-Chemoselective Response Dye Combined with Near- infrared Spectroscopy” LINK

“Current and future research directions in computer-aided near-infrared spectroscopy: a perspective” LINK

“Nitrogen Management Based on Visible/Near Infrared Spectroscopy in Pear Orchards. Remote Sens. 2021, 13, 927” LINK

“Predicting grapevine canopy nitrogen status using proximal sensors and near‐infrared reflectance spectroscopy” LINK

“Model Development for Fat Mass Assessment Using Near-Infrared Reflectance in South African Infants and Young Children Aged 3–24 Months” LINK

“Identification of Multi-Class Drugs Based on Near Infrared Spectroscopy and Bidirectional Generative Adversarial Networks” | LINK

“Identification of mahogany sliced veneer using handheld near-infrared spectroscopy device and multivariate data analysis” LINK

“Multivariate approach for the authentication of vanilla using infrared and Raman spectroscopy” LINK

“Rapid determination of active components in Ginkgo biloba leaves by near infrared spectroscopy combined with genetic algorithm joint extreme learning machine” LINK

“Deconvolution of hemodynamic responses along the cortical surface using personalized functional near infrared spectroscopy” | LINK

“Predicting Water Stress in Wild Blueberry Fields Using Airborne Visible and Near Infrared Imaging Spectroscopy” LINK

“Quantum chemical design of nearinfrared sensitive fused ring electron acceptors containing selenophene as bridge for highperformance organic solar cells” LINK

“Fast Quantification of Air Pollutants by Mid-Infrared Hyperspectral Imaging and Principal Component Analysis” LINK

“Intelligent evaluation of taste constituents and polyphenols-to-amino acids ratio in matcha tea powder using near infrared spectroscopy” LINK

“BODIPYPtPorphyrins Polyads for Efficient NearInfrared LightEmitting Electrochemical Cells” LINK

“Robust prediction performance of inner quality attributes in intact cocoa beans using near infrared spectroscopy and multivariate analysis” LINK

” Robust prediction performance of inner quality attributes in intact cocoa beans using near infrared spectroscopy and multivariate analysis” LINK

“Understanding the effect of urea on the phase transition of poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) in aqueous solution by temperature- dependent near-infrared spectroscopy.” LINK

“Visible/Short-wave near-infrared hyperspectral analysis of lipid concentration and fatty acid unsaturation of Scenedesmus obliquus in situ” LINK

“Non-invasive detection of medicines and edible products by direct measurement through vials using near-infrared spectroscopy: A review” LINK

“EXPRESS: Device-Independent Discrimination of Falsified Amoxicillin Capsules Using Heterogeneous Near-Infrared Spectroscopic Devices for Training and Testing …” LINK

Hyperspectral Imaging (HSI)

“Depth feature extraction for mineral mixed spectrum analysis based hyperspectral data” LINK

“Fusion of spectrum and image features to identify Glycyrrhizae Radix et Rhizoma from different origins based on hyperspectral imaging technology” LINK

Chemometrics and Machine Learning

“Principal component regression that minimizes the sum of the squares of the relative errors: Application in multivariate calibration models” LINK

“Assessing the potential of visible–near-infrared spectroscopy method and PLSR and SVMR regressions in modeling organic carbon and total neutralizing value of soil” LINK

“Development and Verification of Prediction Model of Moisture Content of Para Rubber Timber using Portable Near Infrared Spectrometer” LINK

“Laserinduced breakdown spectroscopy and chemometric analysis of black toners for forensic applications” LINK

“Reduction of the Number of Samples for Cost-Effective Hyperspectral Grape Quality Predictive Models” | LINK

“Monitoring two different drying methods of Kakadu plum puree by combining infrared and chemometrics analysis” LINK

“What’s in this drink? Classification and adulterant detection in Irish Whiskey samples using Near Infrared Spectroscopy combined with Chemometrics.” LINK

“Robustness of hyperspectral imaging and PLSR model predictions of intramuscular fat in lamb M. longissimus lumborum across several flocks and years” LINK

Research on Spectroscopy

“Spectroscopic and Molecular Methods to Differentiate Gender in Immature Date Palm (Phoenix dactylifera L.)” LINK

“Comparison between red, green and blue images and near-infrared spectroscopy methods in the neutral detergent fiber (NDF) analysis.” LINK

“A Novel End-To-End Feature Selection and Diagnosis Method for Rotating Machinery” Sensors LINK

Equipment for Spectroscopy

“Prototype near-infrared (NIR) reflectance spectrometer for the analysis of maize flour” LINK

“Balanced-detection interferometric cavity-assisted photothermal spectroscopy employing an all-fiber-coupled probe laser configuration” LINK

Process Control and NIR Sensors

“Monitoring, by HPLC, NIR, and color measurement, of phytonutrients in tomato juice subjected to thermal processing and high hydrostatic pressure.” LINK

Environment NIR-Spectroscopy Application

“Mid-Infrared Spectroscopy Supports Identification of the Origin of Organic Matter in Soils” LINK

“Environmental covariates improve the spectral predictions of organic carbon in subtropical soils in southern Brazil” LINK

“Transfer learning strategy for plasticpollution detection in soil: Calibration transfer from high-throughput HSI system to NIR sensor” LINK

Agriculture NIR-Spectroscopy Usage

“Agronomy, Vol. 11, Pages 575: Early Detection of Excess Nitrogen Consumption in Cucumber Plants Using Hyperspectral Imaging Based on Hybrid Neural Networks and the Imperialist Competitive Algorithm” LINK

“Application of near infrared spectroscopy for determination of relationship between crop year, maturity group, and location on carbohydrate composition in soybeans” LINK

“Metabolites, Vol. 11, Pages 179: Untargeted Metabolomics Analysis by UHPLC-MS/MS of Soybean Plant in a Compatible Response to Phakopsora pachyrhizi Infection” LINK

“Staling of white wheat bread crumb and effect of maltogenic -amylases. Part 3: Spatial evolution of bread staling with time by near infrared hyperspectral imaging” LINK

“Genome-Wide Identification of QTLs for Grain Protein Content Based on Genotyping-by-Resequencing and Verification of qGPC1-1 in Rice” LINK

“Detection of Oil Palm Disease in Plantations in Krabi Province, Thailand with High Spatial Resolution Satellite Imagery” Agriculture LINK

“Comparison of Hyperspectral Imaging and Near-Infrared Spectroscopy to Determine Nitrogen and Carbon Concentrations in Wheat” RemoteSensing LINK

“… Network Method for Classification of Sunlit and Shaded Components of Wheat Canopies in the Field Using High-Resolution Hyperspectral Imagery. Remote Sens …” LINK

“Agronomy, Vol. 11, Pages 433: Soil Properties Prediction for Precision Agriculture Using Visible and Near-Infrared Spectroscopy: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis” LINK

“Spectral reflectance of marine macroplastics in the VNIR and SWIR measured in a controlled environment” LINK

Horticulture NIR-Spectroscopy Applications

“Growth, respiration and physicochemical changes during the maturation of cacao fruits” LINK

Food & Feed Industry NIR Usage

“EXPRESS: Assessment of Bulk Composition of Heterogeneous Food Matrices Using Raman Spectroscopy” LINK

Pharma Industry NIR Usage

“Rapid Nondestructive Postharvest Potato Freshness and Cultivar Discrimination Assessment” LINK

Medicinal Spectroscopy

“Noninvasive Monitoring of Glucose Using Near-Infrared Reflection Spectroscopy of SkinConstraints and Effective Novel Strategy in Multivariate Calibration” Biosensors LINK


“The attempt to classify the botanical origin of honey using VIS spectroscopy” LINK

“Integration of Spectral Reflectance Indices and Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System for Assessing the Growth Performance and Yield of Potato under Different …” LINK

“Mode-resolved dual-comb spectroscopy using error correction based on single optical intermedium” LINK

” Ultrasonic-Assisted Catalytic Transfer Hydrogenation for Upgrading Pyrolysis-oil” LINK

Unwritten Rule 1 : “Samples never return.” LINK

“古建木构件化学组分近红外光谱分析” LINK

“Hydrocarbon pollutant impact on spectral and biophysical properties of willow and grass species” LINK

“One pot hydrothermal synthesis and characterization of Cu2ZnSn(S,Se)4 nanocrystalline thin films: Photovoltaic performance” LINK

“Polyvinyl chloride: chemical modification and investigation of structural and thermal properties” LINK


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